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american civil war/lincoln mcclellan abraham lincoln 1809 1865
LINCOLN & McCLELLAN. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 16th President of the United States
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american civil war/bald eagle 1870 old abe bald eagle mascot
BALD EAGLE, 1870. 'Old Abe,' the bald eagle which was the mascot of the Eight
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american civil war/civil war gettysburg 72nd pennsylvania
CIVIL WAR: GETTYSBURG. The 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment under General Winfield S
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american civil war/gettysburg address 1863 crowd gathered
GETTYSBURG ADDRESS, 1863. The crowd gathered at Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
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american civil war/gone wind 1939 hattie mcdaniel assists
GONE WITH THE WIND, 1939. Hattie McDaniel assists Vivien Leigh while offering some
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american civil war/civil war irish brigade father william corby
CIVIL WAR: IRISH BRIGADE. Father William Corby (seated right) and other chaplins
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weapons/civil war union soldier volunteer union
CIVIL WAR: UNION SOLDIER. A volunteer Union soldier with a rifle and bayonet. Photograph
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american civil war/george custer 1839 1876 american army officer
GEORGE CUSTER (1839-1876). American army officer
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american civil war/18th president united states photographed
18th President of the United States. Photographed by Mathew Brady in 1864 or 1865
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american civil war/new york draft riots 1863 mob sacking
NEW YORK: DRAFT RIOTS, 1863. The mob sacking Brooks Brothers clothing store during
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american civil war/montgomery meigs 1816 1892 american engineer general
MONTGOMERY MEIGS (1816-1892). American engineer and general. Wood engraving, 1864
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american civil war/robert g shaw 1837 1863 american soldier
ROBERT G. SHAW (1837-1863). American soldier: line engraving, American, 19th century
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american civil war/william tecumseh sherman 1820 1891 american
WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN (1820-1891). American army commander. Photographed by Mathew Brady
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american civil war/georgiashermans march general shermans
GEORGIA:SHERMAN'S MARCH. General Sherman's March to the Sea through Georgia, 1864
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american civil war/civil war gettysburg battle gettysburg 1 3 july 1863
CIVIL WAR: GETTYSBURG. The Battle of Gettysburg, 1-3 July 1863
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american civil war/john l burns 1793 1872 veteran war 1812
JOHN L. BURNS (1793-1872). Veteran of the War of 1812 and the American Civil War
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american civil war/civil war union camp 1861 union army camp battery
CIVIL WAR: UNION CAMP, 1861. Union Army camp at the Battery, New York City, shortly
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american civil war/georgia shermans march shermans march georgia 1864
GEORGIA: SHERMAN'S MARCH. 'Sherman's March Through Georgia, 1864
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american civil war/civil war union fort 1st connecticut heavy
CIVIL WAR: UNION FORT. The 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery at Fort Richardson in Virginia
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american civil war/civil war camp life 1861 tent life 31st
CIVIL WAR: CAMP LIFE, 1861. Tent life of the 31st Pennsylvania Infantry of the Union
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american civil war/civil war gettysburg 1863 bodies confederate
CIVIL WAR: GETTYSBURG, 1863. Bodies of Confederate soldiers killed at the Battle
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american civil war/civil war news 1862 news war engraving
CIVIL WAR: NEWS, 1862. 'News from the War
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american civil war/civil war yorktown 1862 the union cavalry
CIVIL WAR: YORKTOWN, 1862. 'The Union cavalry and artillery starting in pursuit
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american civil war/civil war soldiers 1862 soldiers army
CIVIL WAR: SOLDIERS, 1862. Soldiers of the Army of the Potomac in the woods
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american civil war/congress secession 1861 the seceding
CONGRESS: SECESSION, 1861. 'The seceding Mississippi delegation in Congress
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american civil war/siege yorktown 1862 our army yorktown virginia
SIEGE OF YORKTOWN, 1862. 'Our army before Yorktown, Virginia.' Wood engravings
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american civil war/civil war camp 1863 the army potomac bedouin tent
CIVIL WAR: CAMP, 1863. 'The Army of the Potomac - The Bedouin tent
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american civil war/civil war veterans 1876 veterans grand
CIVIL WAR: VETERANS, 1876. Veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic adorn the
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american civil war/civil war union army 1862 the army potomac
CIVIL WAR: UNION ARMY, 1862. 'The Army of the Potomac - Our Outlying Picket in
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american civil war/civil war union camp 1862 general george
CIVIL WAR: UNION CAMP, 1862. General George McClellan's Union Army camp at Cumberland
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american civil war/civil war prisoners 1862 release union
CIVIL WAR: PRISONERS, 1862. The release of Union Army prisoners to General Ambrose
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american civil war/civil war prison 1862 confederate prisoner of war
CIVIL WAR: PRISON, 1862. The Confederate prisoner-of-war camp at Salisbury, North
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american civil war/civil war charge 1862 the war union
CIVIL WAR: CHARGE, 1862. 'The War for the Union, 1862 - A Cavalry Charge
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american civil war/civil war camp 1864 confederate camp stevenson alabama
CIVIL WAR: CAMP, 1864. A Confederate camp at Stevenson, Alabama. Ink drawing by G
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american civil war/civil war sailors 1861 crew united states
CIVIL WAR: SAILORS, 1861. 'Crew of the United States Steam-Sloop 'Colorado
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american civil war/map virginia 1862 map theatre war virginia
MAP: VIRGINIA, 1862. 'Map of the theatre of the war in Virginia.' Engraving, 1862
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american civil war/siege yorktown 1862 charge first massachusetts
SIEGE OF YORKTOWN, 1862. 'Charge of the First Massachusetts regiment on a rebel
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american civil war/civil war surgeon 1862 union army surgeon
CIVIL WAR: SURGEON, 1862. A Union Army surgeon at work during the American Civil War
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american civil war/map yorktown 1862 map yorktown vicinity
MAP: YORKTOWN, 1862. 'Map of Yorktown and the vicinity, showing the position of
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american civil war/civil war sharpshooter the army potomac
CIVIL WAR: SHARPSHOOTER. 'The Army of the Potomac - Sharp-shooter improvising a
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american civil war/raphael semmes 1809 1877 american naval officer
RAPHAEL SEMMES (1809-1877). American naval officer, captain of the CSS Alabama
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american civil war/civil war wounded c1863 wounded soldiers
CIVIL WAR: WOUNDED, c1863. Wounded soldiers at a field hospital in Fredericksburg
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american civil war/civil war ambulance 1864 zouave ambulance
CIVIL WAR: AMBULANCE, 1864. Zouave ambulance crew at the headquarters of the Army
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american civil war/civil war sharpshooters union sharpshooters
CIVIL WAR: SHARPSHOOTERS. Union sharpshooters. Drawing by Alfred R. Waud, c1863
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american civil war/wounded soldier c1865 wounded union soldier deserted camp
WOUNDED SOLDIER, c1865. A wounded Union soldier in a deserted camp. Photograph, c1865
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american civil war/civil war 14th regiment memorabilia showing
CIVIL WAR: 14TH REGIMENT. Memorabilia showing Civil War engagements pertaining to
#media dmcs-12236026
american civil war/civil war major robertson major james m
Civil War: Major Robertson. Major James M
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american civil war/civil war unburied dead view skeletal remains
CIVIL WAR: UNBURIED DEAD. View of skeletal remains and uniforms several months
#media dmcs-12236014
american civil war/civil war petersburg general view petersburg virginia
CIVIL WAR: PETERSBURG. General view of Petersburg, Virginia
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