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african american history/niagara movement 1905 founding members
NIAGARA MOVEMENT, 1905. Founding members of the Niagara Movement superimposed over
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african american history/cotton plantation picking cotton mississippi plantation
COTTON PLANTATION. Picking cotton on a Mississippi plantation, late 19th century
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african american history/women 19th century late 19th century photograph
FOUR WOMEN, 19th CENTURY. A late 19th century photograph of four African-American women
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african american history/harpers weekly 1867 the first vote
HARPER'S WEEKLY, 1867. 'The First Vote
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african american history/freedmen school 1867 freedmen farm school near washington
FREEDMEN SCHOOL, 1867. A Freedmen Farm-School near Washington, D.C. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12234205
african american history/freedmen school 1867 freedmen school atlanta georgia
FREEDMEN SCHOOL, 1867. A Freedmen School in Atlanta, Georgia. Wood engraving, American
#media dmcs-12234203
african american history/cotton plantation 1867 sowing wood engraving
COTTON PLANTATION, 1867. 'Sowing.' Wood engraving, 1867, after a drawing by A
#media dmcs-12234199
african american history/cotton plantation 1867 prayer meeting
COTTON PLANTATION, 1867. 'Prayer Meeting
#media dmcs-12234193
african american history/abolitionist song c1843 song sheet prayer
ABOLITIONIST SONG, c1843. Song sheet for 'Prayer of the Abolitionist' by
#media dmcs-12234183
african american history/freedmens school 1865 freedmens school memphis
FREEDMEN'S SCHOOL, 1865. A freedmen's school in Memphis, Tennessee
#media dmcs-12234181
african american history/north carolina family african american
NORTH CAROLINA: FAMILY. An African American family outside of their home in the
#media dmcs-12234171
african american history/portrait woman african american woman carrying
PORTRAIT: WOMAN. An African American woman carrying chickens and turkeys to market
#media dmcs-12234169
african american history/portrait man portrait unidentified african
PORTRAIT: MAN. Portrait of an unidentified African American man
#media dmcs-12234165
african american history/river baptism c1900 crowd observing river baptism
RIVER BAPTISM, c1900. A crowd observing a river baptism. Photograph, c1900
#media dmcs-12234163
african american history/chicago race riot 1919 police officer
CHICAGO: RACE RIOT, 1919. A police officer leading an African American couple to
#media dmcs-12234161
african american history/chicago race riot 1919 national guardsmen
CHICAGO: RACE RIOT, 1919. National Guardsmen questioning an African American man
#media dmcs-12234159
african american history/civil war black troops battery 2nd colored artillery
CIVIL WAR: BLACK TROOPS. Battery A of the 2nd US Colored Artillery. Photograph, c1863
#media dmcs-12234155
african american history/laundress c1918 african american laundress washtub
LAUNDRESS, c1918. An African American laundress with a washtub. Photograph, c1918
#media dmcs-12234153
african american history/fisk jubilee singers c1880 fisk jubilee
FISK JUBILEE SINGERS, c1880. The Fisk Jubilee Singers from Fisk University, Tennessee
#media dmcs-12234151
african american history/tintype woman c1875 portrait unidentified woman
TINTYPE: WOMAN, c1875. Portrait of an unidentified woman, a resident of the historically
#media dmcs-12234149
african american history/harnett face 1878 front face portrait
HARNETT: FRONT FACE, 1878. 'Front Face
#media dmcs-12234147
african american history/rural children c1895 group african american
RURAL CHILDREN, c1895. A group of African American children posing in playclothes
#media dmcs-12234145
african american history/mount gilead ame church built 1834 buckingham
MOUNT GILEAD AME CHURCH. Built in 1834 in Buckingham, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12234141
african american history/sheet music spiritual sheet music cover
SHEET MUSIC: SPIRITUAL. Sheet music cover for the African American spiritual 'Go
#media dmcs-12234133
african american history/georgia children c1886 group african american
GEORGIA: CHILDREN, c1886. A group of African American children outside a log building
#media dmcs-12234125
african american history/african american children african american
AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN. Three African American children seated in a doorway
#media dmcs-12234121
african american history/woman c1900 portrait young african american woman
WOMAN, c1900. Portrait of a young African American woman. Photograph, c1900
#media dmcs-12234119
african american history/atlanta university c1900 group african
ATLANTA UNIVERSITY, c1900. Group of African American women students seated on the
#media dmcs-12234117
african american history/african americans c1883 distinguished colored men
AFRICAN AMERICANS, c1883. 'Distinguished Colored Men
#media dmcs-12234107
african american history/uncle toms cabin company lithograph poster
UNCLE TOM'S CABIN COMPANY. Lithograph poster for Palmer's Uncle Tom's
#media dmcs-12234105
african american history/singleton handbill 1882 handbill announcing
SINGLETON HANDBILL, 1882. Handbill announcing a celebration honoring Benjamin
#media dmcs-12234091
african american history/black exodus handbill 1878 handbill issued
BLACK EXODUS: HANDBILL, 1878. Handbill issued by Benjamin 'Pap' Singleton
#media dmcs-12234089
african american history/stevedores port photograph c1875
STEVEDORES IN PORT. Photograph, c1875
#media dmcs-12234087
african american history/vegetable vendor c1900 new orleans woman
VEGETABLE VENDOR, c1900. A New Orleans woman vendor carrying her vegetables in
#media dmcs-12234075
african american history/black homesteaders black family photographed
BLACK HOMESTEADERS. A black family photographed in 1887 before their homestead
#media dmcs-12234065
african american history/buffalo soldiers members 9th colored u
BUFFALO SOLDIERS. Members of the 9th (Colored) U
#media dmcs-12234063
african american history/virginia wash day c1900 african american
VIRGINIA: WASH DAY, c1900. African American women and girls washing the family laundry
#media dmcs-12234051
african american history/sharecroppers 1899 african american sharecroppers
SHARECROPPERS, 1899. African American sharecroppers tending their farm, Virginia
#media dmcs-12234047
african american history/sharecroppers 1899 african american family
SHARECROPPERS, 1899. An African American family outside their house in Virginia
#media dmcs-12234045
african american history/bamboula 1885 drawing 1885 edward windsor
THE BAMBOULA, 1885. Drawing, 1885, by Edward Windsor Kemble
#media dmcs-12234039
african american history/sharecropper family c1900 sharecropper
SHARECROPPER FAMILY, c1900. A sharecropper family at an old well in rural Virginia
#media dmcs-12234037
african american history/african american children group children rural virginia
AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN. A group of children in rural Virginia. Photograph, c1890
#media dmcs-12234035
african american history/harriet powers quilt 1886 bible scenes
HARRIET POWERS' QUILT 1886. Bible scenes quilt made by Harriet Powers, an American
#media dmcs-12234031
african american history/methodist church john street methodist church
METHODIST CHURCH. John Street Methodist Church at New York City. Peter Williams
#media dmcs-12234029
african american history/black yale student c1885 unidentified yale
BLACK YALE STUDENT, c1885. Unidentified Yale student
#media dmcs-12234021
african american history/voodoo dance drawing 1885 edward windsor
THE VOODOO DANCE. Drawing, 1885, by Edward Windsor Kemble
#media dmcs-12234019
african american history/black exodus handbill 1877 handbill urging
BLACK EXODUS: HANDBILL, 1877. Handbill urging blacks to go to Kansas, printed, 1877
#media dmcs-12234017
african american history/sharecropper family 1902 sharecropper family
SHARECROPPER FAMILY, 1902. Sharecropper family in their collard patch near Snow Hill
#media dmcs-12234015
african american history/uncle toms cabin 1898 1898 poster theatrical
UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, 1898. An 1898 poster of a theatrical touring company production
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