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abstract painting/delaunay hommage bleriot
Delaunay: Hommage Bleriot
#media dmcs-6180717
abstract painting/kandinsky painting 1914 painting no 199
KANDINSKY: PAINTING, 1914. Painting no. 199. Oil on canvas by Wassily Kandinsky
#media dmcs-6240211
abstract painting/kandinsky small pleasures
Kandinsky: Small Pleasures
#media dmcs-6180715
abstract painting/kandinsky white 1913
Kandinsky: White, 1913
#media dmcs-6180687
abstract painting/kandinsky crinoline 1909
Kandinsky: Crinoline, 1909
#media dmcs-6180673
abstract painting/kandinsky mountain 1908
Kandinsky: Mountain, 1908
#media dmcs-6180675
abstract painting/oil gauze board paul klee editorial use
Oil on gauze and board by Paul Klee. EDITORIAL USE ONLY
#media dmcs-10717186
abstract painting/russolo revolution 1911
Russolo: Revolution, 1911
#media dmcs-6180610
abstract painting/kandinsky light 1913
Kandinsky: Light, 1913
#media dmcs-6180608
abstract painting/mondrian composition
Mondrian: Composition
#media dmcs-6180713
abstract painting/malevich morning 1912
Malevich: Morning, 1912
#media dmcs-6180695