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Xiv Century Collection

Step back in time to the XIV century, a period of grandeur and elegance

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Step back in time to the XIV century, a period of grandeur and elegance. This captivating era comes alive through various artistic depictions that showcase the remarkable figures and stunning architecture of the time. One such portrayal is a reconstruction of a wall painting originally found in St. Stephen's Chapel. On its bottom row, we see an impressive lineup of influential personalities including Thomas Woodstock, Edmund Langley, John of Gaunt, Lionel, Edward The Black Prince, and St. George. These individuals played significant roles in shaping history during this era. Another striking image captures the regal beauty of Queen Isabelle of France (Isabella of France), who served as Queen consort to King Edward I. Her portrait exudes grace and poise while offering a glimpse into the royal courtly life. The 19th-century engraving titled "Gloria in excelsis Deo" transports us to a world filled with religious devotion and heavenly splendor. It serves as a reminder of the deep faith that permeated society during this time. Otto IV, Margrave of Brandenburg and his wife Hedwig are depicted in vibrant color lithography—a testament to their noble status within society. Their presence evokes images of opulence and refinement that were characteristic elements throughout XIV-century Europe. A true masterpiece from this period is the Apocalypse Tapestry or Apocalypse Angers tapestry created between 1375-1380. Its intricate design tells tales from biblical texts with vivid imagery woven into every thread—an awe-inspiring display that showcases both artistry and storytelling prowess. Geoffrey Chaucer finds himself immortalized at King Edward III's court through a colorful lithograph capturing his literary genius amidst royal patronage—a fitting tribute to one who would later become known as "the father of English literature. " Stunning architectural marvels also define this era; parclose screens like those found at St Mary's Church in Worstead, Norfolk, stand as testaments to the craftsmanship and devotion of the time.