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X Ray Gallery

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Pillars of Creation
Normal knees, X-ray
Panoramic dental X-ray
Normal knee, X-ray
Total hip replacement, X-ray
Spiral galaxy M81, composite image
Tendinitis of the shoulder, X-ray
Normal skull, X-ray
Tuberculosis, X-ray
Skeleton from below, X-ray artwork
Headache, X-ray artwork
Fractured ankle, X-ray
Hands, X-ray
Hands, X-ray
Spoon swallowed by a dog, X-ray
Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana) flower head, X-ray
Normal neck, X-ray
Normal spine, X-ray
Tension pneumothorax, X-ray
Healthy knee, X-ray
Oriental stargazer lily (Lilium sp.), coloured X-ray
Great coneflower (Rudbeckia maxima), X-ray
Hellebore (Helleborus hybridis), X-ray
Skeletons, X-ray artwork
Supernova remnant IC 443, composite image
Fractured jawbone, X-ray
Mobile phone use, X-ray
DNA Double Helix with Autoradiograph
Supernova remnant N132D, X-ray image
Wilhelm Roentgens X-ray photograph of his wifes hand, 1896. Artist: Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
Person with a camera, X-ray
Molar tooth
Molar tooth
Total knee replacement, X-rays
Anatomy of female body with internal organs
Arthritis of the knee, X-ray
Rock art: at the top, Namondjok, a creation ancestor who with his sister broke kinship laws; later he became Ginga
Healthy ankle joint, X-ray
Scoliosis of the spine, X-ray
Normal lower leg, X-ray
Lung, X-ray
Lung, X-ray
Normal skull, X-ray
Female body with bone skeleton and internal organs superimposed
Naked woman laying down with skeletal bones superimposed
Anatomy of human circulatory system
Male skeleton with internal organs on blue background
Rontgen, Wilhelm Conrad (1845-1923). German physicist. Discovered Roentgen rays or X-ray (1895)
Ladysmith Hospital Corps (b / w photo)
Portrait of Wilhelm Rontgen, 1915 (photo)

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