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Red army soldiers raising the soviet flag over the reichstag in berlin, germany, april 30, 1945
Marshal georgy zhukov riding across red square, reviewing the troops, prior to the victory parade on june 24, 1945
Lt, general vasili chuikov (2nd from left) giving an assignment to the commander of the 13th guards rifle division
General vasily chuikov, commander of 62nd army
Marshal georgy zhukov, hero of the soviet union, 1945
World war 2, senior sergeants v, mityoshina and n, zalko, former students of the moscow state theatrical institute have
Marshal georgy zhukov greeting foreign military attaches during the time of the victory parade in moscow, may 1945
Lyudmila pavlichenko, famous 26 year old russian guerrilla sniper who has killed 309 germans
Battle of stalingrad, soviet t-34 tanks attacking near stalingrad, september 1942
World war 2, traditional military parade on the red square in moscow on november 7, 1941
Partisan units of yugoslav national liberation army march into liberated belgrade, october 20th, 1944, yugoslavia
A young byelorussian partisan woman, world war 2, january 1944
People on the streets of belgrade, yugoslavia during a celebration of the first anniversary of liberation from
World war 2, battle of stalingrad, scouts northwest of stalingrad, january 1943
Street in the city of minsk, byelorussia in 1944
Black sea fleet, soviet naval vessels escorting a freight transport, may 1942
World war 2, soviet armored cutters stalinets and hero of the soviet union golubets of the soviet danube military
World war 2, russian partisans executing a fascist in the bryansk forest region, 1942
The latest type of messerschmitt captured by soviet troops on an enemy airdrome, the gun is of the 50mm type
World war 2, battle of stalingrad, a soviet artillery crew firing at the enemy, november 1942
Sept, 1944, marshal of the soviet union rodion yakovlevich malinovsky
Marshal ivan konev-- 19th army commander
World war 2, farm house being burned by the germans in byelorussia
General ludovic svoboda, commander of the czechoslovak troops in the ussr
Red army scouts setting out on an assignment on the leningrad front
Red army automatic riflemen in an offensive against the village s on the western front
Soviet airforce night bomber crew with american-made douglas havoc (boston) bomber, world war 2, american aid
Lieutenant-general pavel belov, commander of a red army cavalry unit, world war ll, march 1942, world war ll
Marshal of the soviet union, konstantin rokossovsky, on his way to red square from the kremlin for the victory day
Women workers at the stalingrad tractor works, ussr, 1940s
world war ll, residents returning to their home in warsaw, poland at the end of the war
Soviet red army troops during a victory parade in front of the brandenburg gate in berlin
Soviet troops entering bucharest, the capital of rumania, 1944
Marshall of the soviet union a, m, vasileysky
World war 2, commander of a russian partisan detachment explaining a mission to his men, september 1941
German planes brought down by the soviets are exhibited on a moscow square
world war ll: the siege of leningrad, women taking water flowing from broken water mains
A trainload of trucks arriving for the first polish corps in the ussr (the genrikh dombrovsky 2nd division)
Hitlerite soldiers of the 1944 variety ready for transportation into a prisoners camp in soviet russia
World war 2, anna suslina guarding the fields of the twelfth anniversary of october collective farm in the moscow
Red army soldiers on night reconnaisance on the first baltic front, world war 2, june 1944
World war 2, abandoned automobiles along the route of the german retreat, january 1942
German war prisoners in the streets of koenigsberg april 1945
World war 2, soviet women watch as their homes burn with fire set by retreating germans
Black sea fleet, soviet submarines landing a detachment of marines onto occupied territory, april 1942
Khalkhin gol battle, east mongolia (manchukuo), august 1939, soviet red army fighting japanese (kwangtung army)
World war 2, artillery and infantry of the first ukrainian front
Stalingrad world war ll: at division commander nikolai batyuks command post, nov, 1942

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