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Workhouses Collection

"Exploring the Forgotten Lives: Workhouses and their Impact on Society" 1

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"Exploring the Forgotten Lives: Workhouses and their Impact on Society" 1. Compass Drill, Training Ship Arethusa, Greenhithe, Kent: Witnessing discipline and resilience in action as young boys learn essential skills aboard the Training Ship Arethusa. 2. Busy street scene at Spitalfields, East End of London: A glimpse into the bustling streets of Spitalfields where workhouses stood as a stark reminder of poverty's grip on society. 3. Mount Pleasant Hotel, Kings Cross, London: Unveiling the hidden history behind this grand hotel turned workhouse that once provided shelter for those in desperate need. 4. Knotting Class, Training Ship Arethusa, Greenhithe, Kent: Discovering how intricate knotting techniques taught onboard the Training Ship Arethusa empowered young minds with practical skills for life. 5. Manchester Warehousemen Orphan Schools, Cheadle Hulme: Delving into the heartwarming stories of orphans finding solace and education within these walls – a beacon of hope amidst adversity. 6. The Hollies Childrens Home, Sidcup, Kent: Reflecting on the nurturing environment created at The Hollies Childrens Home to provide care and support for vulnerable children in Kent. 7. North Wales Lunatic Asylum, Denbigh, North Wales: Peering into the haunting past of an asylum that aimed to heal but often left scars – shedding light on mental health treatment throughout history. 8. Asylum Lodge Devizes Wiltshire: Uncovering tales from within Asylum Lodge – a sanctuary meant to offer refuge but sometimes became a prison for those deemed "mad. " 9. Banstead Asylum Surrey & Stone Asylum Aylesbury Buckinghamshire: Comparing two contrasting institutions designed to house individuals struggling with mental health issues - exploring their approaches towards healing and rehabilitation. 10. Guinness Lodging Houses Lever Street London.