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Whole Window Collection

"The Whole Window: A Glimpse into the Past and Present" Step back in time with "The Blackbird Song" painting

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"The Whole Window: A Glimpse into the Past and Present" Step back in time with "The Blackbird Song" painting, a mesmerizing piece from 1908 that captures the essence of an era. Transport yourself to Rufford Abbey's library, as captured by Giles Worsley's lens in his book "England's Lost Houses, " where history whispers through every page. Marvel at the majestic Chastleton House, its south front standing proudly as depicted in a black and white photograph from "The English Manor House. " Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Westminster Abbey's interior, beautifully preserved in another captivating monochrome photo. Discover Gabriel Hanotaux, a renowned French historian and politician whose portrait takes you back to the late 19th century. Witness a woman engrossed in reading on Condover Hall's steps, her presence frozen forever through an enchanting black and white photograph. Admire a tapestry depicting animals amidst lush forests or countryside scenes woven intricately with wool and linen threads. Enter Wingerworth Hall's saloon through yet another timeless photograph from Giles Worsley’s collection. Experience medieval chivalry as you witness Morning Star being readied for battle by a knight illustrated vividly within the pages of "The Gateway to Tennyson. " Encounter Shiva Nataraja, an exquisite bronze sculpture hailing from South India around 1800—a testament to artistic mastery. Travel far away to an Annamese village nestled within French Indochina circa 1900—an illustration that transports you across continents. Lastly, encounter Kea—the intelligent parrot species—through an enchanting illustration dating back to approximately 1910. In this whole window into different realms—artistic expressions spanning centuries—you'll find glimpses of beauty, culture, history, nature, literature; each capturing moments frozen in time for us all to cherish and appreciate.