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"Remembering Vera Duckworth: The Beloved Coronation Street Star" Actress Liz Dawn and her husband Don Ibbetson shared a heartwarming reunion in Blackpool on the 15th of May, 1982. Their love story off-screen mirrored the iconic relationship between Vera and Jack Duckworth on Coronation Street. The Evening Mail reader Mrs Brenda Ward of Walsall presented the Soap of the Year award to none other than Liz Dawn herself. Her portrayal captivated audiences across the nation, earning her this prestigious recognition. In a proud moment for both Liz Dawn and Coronation Street, she posed with her well-deserved Soap of the Year trophy alongside Carolyn Reynolds. This achievement showcased Liz's exceptional talent as an actress. At the Birmingham Film and TV Festival annual Dinner held at Botanical Gardens, Liz Dawn was joined by fellow cast members to celebrate their success on one of Britain's most beloved shows. It was a night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and appreciation for their contributions to television. Actor Bill Tarmey received a warm welcome back to Granada TVs after his absence from Coronation Street as Jack Duckworth. His chemistry with Liz Dawn brought joy to millions of viewers who eagerly awaited their scenes together. Liz Dawn's dedication to her craft shone through as she continued portraying Vera Duckworth even when faced with personal challenges. On April 10th, 1982, she demonstrated resilience and professionalism that made fans adore her even more. Vera Duckworth may have been unlucky in love on screen but off-screen; Liz Dawn had Derek Bennett by her side on April 18th, 1982. Their bond exemplified true companionship amidst fame and success. Once again proving that fan support is invaluable, Mrs Brenda Ward from Walsall presented another accolade to Liz - reaffirming her status as one of soap opera's finest actresses.