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Uniform Collection

"Uniform: A Symbol of Courage, Unity, and Legacy" Heroic fireman rescuing girl from fire: In the face of danger

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"Uniform: A Symbol of Courage, Unity, and Legacy" Heroic fireman rescuing girl from fire: In the face of danger, a uniform becomes a shield for these brave firefighters as they risk their lives to save others. Their selflessness shines through the flames. Michael Collins 1890-1922 - Irish Nationalist, Sinn Fein leader, founder and director: Michael Collins donned his uniform not only as a symbol of his dedication to Ireland's independence but also as a testament to his unwavering spirit in fighting for what he believed in. Players Please: Sailor, 1955: The crisp white uniforms worn by sailors evoke images of adventure on the high seas and remind us that even amidst vast oceans, unity can be found in matching attire. OLYMPICS: WRESTLING, 1972 - Dan Gable (USA) wrestling Kikuo Wada (Japan): In this intense battle on the mat during the Summer Olympics in Munich, both wrestlers wore their respective national uniforms with pride while showcasing strength and determination. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell - English soldier: As an emblematic figure in scouting history, Baden-Powell's military uniform represented discipline and leadership that would shape generations of young minds around the world. The wedding of Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Philip - 20th November 1947: Their royal garments exuded elegance and tradition as Princess Elizabeth embarked on her journey towards becoming one of Britain's most beloved monarchs alongside her dashing prince consort. ENGLAND: SOCCER MATCH, 1966: The iconic red jerseys worn by England's football team during their victorious World Cup campaign united a nation behind them – forever etching their names into sporting history. JACKIE ROBINSON (1919-1972) stealing home under the tag of catcher Andy Seminick.