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Trolley Collection

"Journey through time: The trolley's historical significance and global presence" Step back in time to May 1937

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"Journey through time: The trolley's historical significance and global presence" Step back in time to May 1937, as the GWR Refreshment Department Platform Trolley gracefully navigates Grimsby Street. Its charming presence adds a touch of nostalgia to this bustling English town. Meanwhile, an English Rose kitchen advert captures the essence of domestic bliss, featuring a woman skillfully crafting delectable desserts on her trusty trolley. A symbol of convenience and efficiency, it effortlessly aids her culinary endeavors. Venturing across continents, we find ourselves in Uruguay's capital city, Montevideo. Late 19th-century photographs reveal the Plaza de Constitucion adorned with horse-drawn trolleys—a testament to their integral role in urban transportation worldwide. Transporting us further back into history is Chicago's State Street during the 1890s. Amidst its vibrant atmosphere, trolleys traverse the streets while curious onlookers marvel at these modern wonders shaping city life. In Illogan, Cornwall in 1893, exhausted Cornish miners find respite at the East Pool Mine's 310 level. Their camaraderie evident as they lean against their trusted trolley—both tool and companion throughout their arduous work underground. Shifting gears from industry to new beginnings brings us to a maternity hospital where newborn babies lie peacefully beside their mothers' bedsides. Here too stands a humble yet essential trolley—a silent witness to countless joyous moments marking life's precious milestones. Across vast oceans lies Brooklyn Bridge in its inaugural year of 1883—an iconic structure teeming with activity. Amongst pedestrians crossing this architectural marvel are bustling streetcars or "trolleys, " connecting communities and fostering growth within New York City. Amidst London’s Blitz during World War II emerges Charing Cross—the site of bomb disposal operations that demanded immense courage and resilience. In this chaotic landscape stands another hero—the bomb disposal trolley—a symbol of hope and determination in the face of adversity.