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Trecento Collection

The Trecento, also known as the 14th century in Italian art, was a period of immense creativity and innovation

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The Trecento, also known as the 14th century in Italian art, was a period of immense creativity and innovation. It marked a transition from the Gothic style to the Renaissance, with artists experimenting with new techniques and themes. In Paradiso, Canto 31, Dante describes a celestial rose formed by saintly souls in heaven. This symbolizes their unity and harmony in the empyrean realm. The Allegory of Poverty, painted in 1334, reflects the social concerns of the time. It portrays poverty as an essential virtue that leads to spiritual enlightenment. Frescoes such as The Flight into Egypt and The Raising of Lazarus showcase religious narratives with vibrant colors and intricate details. These artworks were meant to inspire devotion and convey biblical stories to illiterate viewers. Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Effects of Good demonstrates his interest in depicting moral virtues through allegorical figures. Pietro Lorenzetti's Entry of Christ captures a sense of grandeur and majesty during Christ's triumphant arrival in Jerusalem. The Apocalypse Tapestry or Apocalypse of Angers is an extraordinary example of medieval tapestry artistry. Created between 1375-1380, it depicts scenes from the Book of Revelation with vivid imagery and meticulous craftsmanship. A view of Florence can be seen in La Madonna della Misericordia fresco from 1342 by an unknown artist. It provides us with a glimpse into how this bustling city looked during that era. Bonaventura Berlinghieri's Pieta showcases his skillful use of color and composition to depict Mary mourning over Jesus' body after his crucifixion. This emotional scene evokes empathy from viewers. The Adoration of the Magi fresco found at Chapel Scrovegni in Padua illustrates one episode from Jesus' life: when wise men pay homage to him after his birth. Its rich colors create a visually stunning portrayal filled with symbolism.