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"Treatment: A Journey through Time and Healing" Step into the past as we explore the evolution methods

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"Treatment: A Journey through Time and Healing" Step into the past as we explore the evolution methods. From Shotley Bridge General Hospital in County Durham to Crieff Hydropathic in Perthshire, Scotland, witness how medical practices have transformed over centuries. St. Bartholomews Hospital in the 18th century showcases traditional healing techniques while Whipps Cross Hospital in Essex unveils modern advancements. Travel back to the horrors of war at an Advanced Dressing Station on the Western Front, where brave medics fought tirelessly to save lives. Delve into dental care as Victorian scrap reveals a dentist pulling a tooth, reminding us of both adult and children's oral health. Discover alternative therapies like stone therapy that harnesses nature's power for rejuvenation. Pneumothorax treatment captured by X-ray demonstrates medical breakthroughs that revolutionized lung conditions. Witness technology's impact with an X-ray showcasing a normal knee, highlighting precision diagnosis and treatment options available today. Explore unexpected realms as US Army's Veterinary Corps instills fondness for horses through their unique approach to animal healthcare. Uncover ancient wisdom with a male dummy displaying acupuncture meridians & points, revealing Eastern medicine's holistic approach towards well-being. Join us on this captivating journey through time and diverse treatments that have shaped our understanding of healing throughout history.