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Tissue Gallery

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Dicotyledon plant stem, light micrograph
Uterus lining during menstruation, SEM
Skin disorders, artwork
Blood cells
Blood cells
Brain tissue blood supply
Botanik Digitalis purpurea L. Fingerhut 160: 1
Lactating breast tissue, light micrograph
Pine pollen grains, light micrograph
Pine stem, light micrograph
Lime tree stem, light micrograph
Compact bone, light micrograph
Osteocyte bone cell, SEM C016 / 9025
Pancreas anatomy, artwork
Anatomical Study Of Muscle In The Human Body. From The National Encyclopaedia, Published C.1890
The idea of blue fragrance - flowers, fabric, scent, glass, credit: Marie-Louise
Liver tissue cirrhosis, light micrograph
Cystic fibrosis
Islet of Langerhans, light micrograph
Maize root, light micrograph
Ciliary body of eye, SEM
Water fern rhizome, light micrograph
Pine tree stem, light micrograph
Skin layers, SEM
Cutaway model of face
Pancreatic islet of Langerhans
Nerve cell, SEM
Red blood cells, computer artwork
Cells, conceptual computer artwork
Human tooth anatomy, artwork
Eye muscle, SEM
Trachea lining, SEM
Xylem tissue, SEM
Wood, light micrograph
Mexican man, boy and woman sit on side of a street, Tijuana
The Early Iron Age. The bog body from Huldremose in Djurslan
Tacuinum Sanitatis. Late XIV century. Tailor
Namibia, Brandberg Nature Reserve. Rock
Indian Gold-tissue Scarf (chromolitho)
Sediment of Water from the Thames (engraving)
Le Microscope, Applique a l etude des Vegetaux (colour litho)
Advert for Selfridges illustrating an elegant
Le Microscope, Applique a l etude des Animaux (colour litho)
The begining
The begining
Of Flesh and Bones
Group of Tissue moths (Triphosa dubitata) hibernating in a limestone cave
Evening gown and fur coat
Evening dress and coatee from Peter Robinson

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