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Team Group Collection

"Team Group: A Journey Through Football History" Step back in time to the Liverpool team of 1951/52

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"Team Group: A Journey Through Football History" Step back in time to the Liverpool team of 1951/52, where legends were born and dreams were realized on the hallowed grounds. In a moment of unity, Everton and Liverpool teams joined forces for the 1986 Charity Shield, showcasing their shared passion for the beautiful game. Remembering the brave souls of the 1st Football Battalion in 1914, who traded their boots for rifles but never forgot their love for football. Arsenal's triumph as FA Cup winners in 1950 brought joy to fans far and wide, etching their name into football history forever. Witnessing young talents blossom at Murray Park as Soccer Rangers' Under 15/17 Team Group captures hearts with their dedication and skill. Relive the glory days when Soviet Union emerged victorious in the thrilling European Nations Cup of 1960, leaving an indelible mark on soccer history. A snapshot from RTC Academy PhotoCall on September 27th, capturing future stars honing their skills under expert guidance. The spirit of Sam Doble lives on through the annual memorial match held since 1977, reminding us all that football is more than just a game—it's about camaraderie and remembrance. Another proud moment at Murray Park as Soccer Rangers' Under-13 Team Group showcases determination and potential that knows no bounds. Goodison Park witnessed an unforgettable clash between Everton and Fiorentina during UEFA Cup Fourth Round Second Leg—a testament to football's global reach and excitement it brings. Rangers' triumphant return to Ibrox after clinching The Treble on May 31st, 2003—celebrating not only victory but also unwavering loyalty from fans who stood by them every step of the way. A bittersweet memory lingers from Stuttgart's victory over Rangers at Damlier Stadium on November 26th, 2003—a reminder that even in defeat, the spirit of the game endures.