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Tails Gallery

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Common / Hazel DORMOUSE - hanging from branch amongst leaves
Hale-Bopp comet
Fred Astaire in Mark Sandrichs Top Hat (1935)
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
Capercaillie - male & hen displaying on Lek in old Caledonian pine forest
Sumatra / Tiger BARB Fish
Monk Parakeet / Quaker Parrot - preening
Ring-tailed Lemur - with tail wrapped around body
Coins of Pontius Pilate, 30-31 AD (bronze)
Three -cusped / Tree / White-bellied Pangolin
Resplendent Quetzal - male (Pharomachrus mocinno)
Long Tailed Tit - in flight, wings outstretched
Red / Lesser PANDA / Red cat-bear - in tree
Resplendent Quetzal - male (Pharomachrus mocinno)
CHAMELEON - side view showing curled tail
Riding Dress 1819 Men
Ara chloroptera and ara macao, Green-winged and Scarlet Macaws perched on a tree branch
Rubinstein Plays Piano
JD-22308 DOG. Jack russell terrier pulling on border collies tail
Striped Skunk - autumn
Britannia and Eve magazine, November 1939
Black-Headed Woolly Monkey - in rainforest canopy
WAT-16615 Okapi - female. In captivity
Red-Shouldered HAWK - adult, in snow
Prehensile-tailed / Brazilian PORCUPINE
Busby Berkeley montage
Ring-necked / Rose-ringed Parakeet
Advert for Chas. Baker & Co. gentlemen & boy's clothing 1887
Marriage a la Mode, 1960s
Schoolboys at Eton College, Eton, Windsor, Berkshire
Booted Racket-tail hummingbird (Ocreatus underwoodii) male flying, feeding from flower
The Last of the Dandies
Eyelash mite tails, SEM
TOM-1953 White-tailed Deer - buck with tail up to signal to other deer that an intruder is in the woods
MANX CAT - Blue Cymric
Ring-tailed Lemur
Indian / Asian Elephant - calf playing with mothers tail
Superb Lyrebird - male spreading tail during full courtship
Cossack Trousers 1820
Nankeen Trousers 1818
Cyril Maude
Cyril Maude
Short-horned Chameleon / Elephant-eared Chameleon - hanging on to branch
PM-10516 Peacock - feather from tail train
Ring-Tailed Lemur - walking with tail up
Wild Turkey - male in display

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