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Surface Collection

"Exploring the Surface: From Earthrise to Mars" Captured in a single frame

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"Exploring the Surface: From Earthrise to Mars" Captured in a single frame, the iconic Earthrise photograph reminds us of our humble existence on the surface of this vast planet. In Arisaig, Highlands, Scotland, nature's artwork unfolds as rugged mountains meet serene coastlines, showcasing the beauty that lies on the surface. Witnessing Northern gannets gracefully diving for fish in a split-level shot off Shetland's shores reveals the wonders beneath and above the water's surface. A map of Antarctica overlaid with illustrations brings to life its diverse inhabitants - from sea gulls soaring high to penguins waddling across icy surfaces. Stripped bare like an artist's canvas, a nude man embraces his vulnerability while exploring his connection with both himself and the world around him. Like an explorer venturing into uncharted territory, an Apollo 17 astronaut gazes upon our celestial neighbor from space – a mesmerizing view of another planetary surface. Astronaut footprints etched onto lunar soil serve as timeless reminders of humanity's first steps taken on a celestial body beyond Earth’s familiar terrain. Transported back to 1896 at Levant Mine in Cornwall, we witness miners descending deep below ground – their courage shaping history beneath Earth’s fragile crust. As dawn breaks over Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada, a canoe glides effortlessly across its mirrored surface – embracing tranquility amidst breathtaking scenery. The Jacobite steam train winds through Lochaber’s enchanting landscapes aboard Fort William to Mallaig railway - revealing hidden gems along Scotland’s picturesque surface. Curiosity rover roams tirelessly across Martian plains; its mission uncovers secrets buried within red dust while reminding us of humanity's thirst for exploration beyond our own planet. A glimpse into Mars' mysterious terrain captured by Spirit rover's lens.