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Suffragist Gallery

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English suffragette, feminist newspaper, 1908
Suffragette Parade through New York City, 3rd May 1913
Ethel Snowden Suffragist
English suffragette feminist newpaper, 1908
Suffragette to Prison
IDA B. WELLS (1862-1931). American journalist and reformer: oil over a photograph, n.d
The Pseudonym and Antonym Libraries, 1895. Artist: Beardsley, Aubrey (1872?1898)
ALICE PAUL (1885-1977). American social reformer and founder of the National Womens Party
Womens Trade Union
Cartoon, Excelsior! (Suffragist as Sisyphus)
Law-abiding Suffragists
Katharine Russell, Viscountess Amberley
A Suffragist Orator
ANNA HOWARD SHAW (1847-1919). American preacher, physician and suffragette. Photograph
Paradise Lost! or, The House of Commons and the Peri (colour litho)
Heroic virtues that make you laugh, English suffragettes forcibly fed in prison to prevent them... (colour litho)
Pioneers in the growth in employment for women in Britain (b / w photo)
First female to speak in the House of Commons
Selection of suffragette banners 1908
Underground passage to the House of Commons 1908
Women waiting to in St Stephens Hall, Feb 1908
Processions of suffragists in London 1908
Police removing suffragettes chained to railings 1908
Mrs Dora Montefiore, suffragist, in court
Cicely Hamilton and Edith Craig, suffragettes
Millicent Garrett Fawcett, suffragist leader
Millicent Fawcett
Millicent Fawcett speaking at end of pilgrimage march, 1913
When Women Vote by Charles Dana Gibson
A strange procession of suffragettes through the streets of London (colour litho)
In the recent general elections in England, women voted for the first time (colour litho)
Portrait of Emily Davies (engraving)
Mrs fawcett (b / w photo)
The aberrations of womens suffragism, suffragette that cuts Venus with knife blows... (colour litho)
Eminent woman surgeon
Bertrand Russell, philosopher and author
Beatrice Forbes-Robertson
Portraits of campaigners for womens rights
Suffragette Card Game PANKO
Suffragist Frances Sterling
Suffragist Lasy McLaren
Anti-Suffragist Demonstration 1912
Lillah McCarthy Suffragist
Bertha Mason Suffragist
Lady Frances Balfour Suffragist
Emmeline Pankhurst Imprisoned Leaders
Suffragette The Anti-Suffragist

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