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Stimulant Gallery

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Fly agaric mushrooms
Caffeine crystals, light micrograph
Tea plant
Tea plant
Caffeine drug molecule
Caffeine, Stimulant found in Coffee, Tea, Cola Nuts, etc
Coffee beans
Coffee beans
Caffeine crystals, light micrograph
Caffeine, molecular model
Cambara trees are very prolific in the Pantanal
Contrayerva, Dorstenia contrajerva
Advert for Coca-tonic, Champagne - nerve tonic 1897
Porcelain Sculpture_Part 3
A Cure for Drowsiness or A Pinch of Cephalic, engraved by George Cruikshank (1792-1878)
Coffea Arabica from Phytographie Medicale by Joseph Roques (1772-1850)
Grape hyacinth (Muscari racemosum)
A Bhutanese man in a Gho eating Betel nut in Bhutan
Folio 15v of the Arabic version of Dioscorides De Materia Medica
Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) (centre), c1885
Effects of ecstasy on brain function
Ecstasy powder
Qat stems
Qat stems
Love in the mist seed head (Nigella sp.)
Ah! Qu'il est Bon!, engraved by Francois Seraphin Delpech (1778-1825) 1824-25
Speed or Methamphetamine C10H15N
Eltrombopag thrombocytopenia drug F007 / 0093
Drug addiction, conceptual artwork F006 / 9968
Designer drugs, conceptual artwork F006 / 9966
Psilocybin drug molecule
Clenbuterol drug, molecular models
Caffeine molecule, illustration C018 / 0753
Tea Leaves (Light Micrograph)
Energy Drink (Light Micrograph) C014 / 1701
Caffeine molecule
Serotonin molecule
Clenbuterol bronchodilator drug molecule C013 / 8894
Cathinone drug molecule C013 / 7787
Roasted coffee bean, SEM
Student taking a pill C013 / 4904
Student eating sugary snacks C013 / 4901
Star anise, SEM
Web of spider exposed to caffeine
Qat leaves
Qat leaves
Cup of black tea
Instant coffee grains, SEM
Garlic cloves
Garlic cloves
Chillies and coffee beans
Dried tea, SEM

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