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"Steve Bould: A Steadfast Defender in Arsenal's Battles against Liverpool" In the intense clashes between Arsenal and Liverpool, Steve Bould emerged as a formidable force on the pitch. The Littlewoods League Cup 3rd round (replay) at Highbury witnessed an epic showdown, resulting in a goalless draw of 0-0. Bould's unwavering defensive skills were instrumental in thwarting Liverpool's attacking prowess. The battle continued into another replay at Villa Park for the Littlewoods 2nd round, where once again, Arsenal faced off against their fierce rivals. Despite their valiant efforts, Arsenal succumbed to a narrow defeat of 1-2. However, it was Steve Bould who showcased his resilience and determination throughout the match. Villa Park became witness to yet another enthralling contest between these two football giants during another replay of the same round. In this fiercely fought encounter, Bould exhibited his unwavering commitment to defending his team's goal but unfortunately ended up on the losing side with a scoreline of 1-2. These gripping encounters were not limited to just one season; they repeated themselves with relentless intensity. Highbury hosted yet another thrilling clash in the Littlewoods League Cup 3rd round (replay), ending once more without any goals scored by either side. Bould's contributions as a steadfast defender cannot be overlooked amidst these nail-biting battles against Liverpool. His resolute presence on the field provided stability and strength to Arsenal's defense line-up time and again. Despite facing setbacks along this arduous journey against Liverpool, Steve Bould remained undeterred and determined to give his all for his beloved club. His performances exemplified true sportsmanship and dedication that earned him admiration from fans worldwide.