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Steel Pulse Collection

"Steel Pulse: The Reggae Revolutionaries of Handsworth, Birmingham" In the vibrant reggae scene of Handsworth, Birmingham

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"Steel Pulse: The Reggae Revolutionaries of Handsworth, Birmingham" In the vibrant reggae scene of Handsworth, Birmingham, a group emerged in the late 1970s that would redefine the genre and become an influential force for change. This group was none other than Steel Pulse. Formed by Michael Reilly and Claudine Riley on December 9th, 1978, Steel Pulse quickly gained recognition for their unique sound and powerful lyrics. Their music became a voice for the marginalized and oppressed, tackling social issues head-on. With members like Steve Nisbett, Basil Gabbidon, Selwyn Brown, and Dave Hinds joining forces with Reilly over time, Steel Pulse's lineup solidified into a formidable unit. Together they created music that resonated with people from all walks of life. The band's roots were deeply embedded in Handsworth as depicted in various photographs capturing their essence. Whether it was Michael Reilly pictured alone or alongside Dave Hinds in the snooker hall or at home in Handsworth with Steve Nisbett - these images showcased their connection to their community. But it wasn't just about making music; Steel Pulse aimed to bring about positive change through activism as well. They used their platform to raise awareness about racial inequality and discrimination faced by black communities not only in Birmingham but worldwide. Behind every great musician lies a supportive family – Charles & Ruby Hinds were no exception. As parents of Dave Hinds from Steel Pulse, they stood proudly beside him throughout his musical journey. Through their captivating performances and thought-provoking lyrics rooted in reality rather than escapism; Steel Pulse became pioneers of conscious reggae music during this era. Their fusion of traditional Jamaican sounds with contemporary influences set them apart from others within the genre. As we look back at these iconic moments captured on film - whether it be Michael and Claudine Riley together or individually - we are reminded of the passion and dedication that fueled Steel Pulse's rise to prominence.