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St Mary The Virgin Collection

"St. Mary the Virgin: A Tapestry of Divine Beauty and Devotion" Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of St

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"St. Mary the Virgin: A Tapestry of Divine Beauty and Devotion" Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of St. Mary the Virgin, a captivating figure depicted through various artistic masterpieces throughout history. Our Lady of the Rosary, an exquisite oil on canvas painting, invites you to contemplate her serene countenance as she holds the sacred rosary beads. As dusk settles over Tewkesbury Abbey in Gloucestershire, England, its majestic silhouette is reflected in tranquil waters. This breathtaking scene serves as a backdrop for our beloved Madonna, portrayed as the Sorrowful Virgin in a poignant bronze sculpture from 1583-1584. In another mesmerizing artwork titled "La Serrana, " we witness St. Mary cradling both her divine Child and infant St. John with tender love and grace captured on canvas. The Polyptych of Conversano unveils a detailed panel depicting the Nativity with vibrant tempera colors that transport us to Bethlehem's humble stable. A timeless portrayal emerges through an oil-on-wood masterpiece known simply as "Virgin and Child. " Its delicate brushstrokes evoke feelings of reverence towards this iconic duo who have inspired countless generations. Delving into textile artistry, a woolen tapestry cushion cover hailing from Sheldon, England depicts the Flight into Egypt—a testament to St. Mary's protective nature during challenging times. Tempera and gold unite harmoniously on a wooden panel showcasing yet another incarnation of St. Mary and her precious Child from centuries past—an embodiment of devotion frozen in time. An engraving entitled "The Virgin with Swaddled Child" transports us back to 1520 when this intricate piece was created—its fine details etched forever onto paper for all to admire. Witnessing "The Adoration of Magi, " an opulent oil-on-canvas composition dating back to 1619 allows one's imagination to wander amidst regal figures paying homage to the divine Child in St. Mary's arms.