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Split Gallery

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1949 Morris Minor
Shell Fountain / Costume
Croatia, Split, Twilight Diocletians Palace
Nuclear Fission Artwork
Splitting Slates
Tea flower stamens, SEM
Split, Croatia, Europe
Mills Bomb No 5 hand grenade, used during World War One
Volkswagen VW Classic Camper van (split-screen, 21-window Samba Bus), 1960, Orange, &
Illustration of Isaac Newtons prism experiment, showing white sunlight split by a prism into the co
Multiple universes
Peas (Pisum sativum)
Engraving of a tree split by lightning
Croatia Split
Croatia Split
Market Day in Yugoslavia
Is Bicycling Bad For The Heart? Pen and ink drawing, 1897, by Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944)
Trg Brace Radica square, Split, region of Dalmatia, Croatia, Europe
Coastal mountains and waterfront town buildings, Split, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia, Europe
South Pacific, Solomon Islands. Camera held
Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)
Canada, Ontario, Sheguindah. Split-rail
'There was an Old Man of Nepaul, from his horse had a terrible fall', from A Book of Nonsense
Giraffe drinking water
The Guelfs split into the white and black after a small incident, 1300
Diocletian's Palace in Split in Croatia with Detail of Colonnade and Southern Sea Gate (chromolitho)
An Irish Horse Fair (colour litho)
Experiments with Cotton Gunpowder near Faversham (engraving)
The storm that overwhelms a train (Colour Litho)
UFO splitting and changing colour, Hessdalen, Norway
Fruit Cart
Fruit Cart
Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Raja Ampat, Misool
USA. Colorful dried bean soup mixture
Croatia, Split, daily market on Hrvojeva St. outside walls of Diocletians Palace
Dorsal fin of a Blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) breaks the surface off the island of Yap
Drying sheets on the shore before Split, Croatia, 1893 (oil on paper laid down on board)
'A Split with Ducrow' (engraving)
Ice-fighters of the Atlantic watching the explosion in an iceberg caused by the firing of a 100-pound charge of thermit
Comic postcard, Two girls discuss little boy Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Little boy keeping fit Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Large woman exercising on the beach, with warning from inspector Date
Comic postcard, Pretty woman in solicitor's office
Diocletian's Palace, now part of the old town of
Greek women dancing in Istanbul
The hair in health and disease (engraving)
Fiji: A Trout Stream in the Mountains (b / w photo)
Interior of a farmers co-operative bacon factory (b / w photo)
Styles of masonry (litho)
Mr Doubleface, a man not to be trusted (engraving)

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