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Spirtuality Collection

"Journeying Through the Divine

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"Journeying Through the Divine: Exploring Spirituality in Art" Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of spiritual art as we delve into a world where faith and devotion intertwine. From ancient frescoes to vibrant gouache paintings, these captivating masterpieces offer glimpses into the realm of spirituality. "The Transfiguration": Witness Christ's radiant transformation, clothed in pure white, surrounded by Moses and Elijah. The apostles John, Peter, and James stand below, awestruck by this divine revelation. "The Virgin and Child with Saints": Mary Magdalene stands alongside Saint John the Baptist while possibly Saint George joins them. Their presence exudes reverence for the sacred bond between mother and child. "The Virgin Mary and Child with Saints Jerome and Anthony Abbot": On a poplar panel, this painting portrays two revered saints accompanying the Holy Mother as she cradles Baby Jesus. A donor humbly pays homage to their divine grace. "Om Mantra Containing Figures of Deities": This intricate 19th-century artwork showcases deities within an Om mantra. Each figure represents different aspects of divinity—a visual representation of spiritual enlightenment. "Krishna and the Naga Kaliya": Gouache on paper brings to life Krishna's encounter with Kaliya—an epic battle between good and evil. Marvel at Krishna's triumph over darkness through his divine powers. "Our Lady of the Rosary": Transport yourself to the 16th century as you gaze upon this oil-on-panel masterpiece depicting Our Lady adorned with a rosary—a symbol of devotion that unites believers worldwide. "Holy Family with a Young Saint John the Baptist": In this tender portrayal on wood panel, witness Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and young Saint John united in familial love—a testament to God's gift of family bonds. "Adoration of the Magi": Step back in time to witness kings from distant lands paying homage to the newborn King.