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Spiritual Life Collection

"Journeying Through the Spiritual Life

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"Journeying Through the Spiritual Life: A Glimpse into Divine Encounters" Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm of spirituality as depicted through timeless masterpieces. In "The Transfiguration, " we witness Christ adorned in radiant white, flanked by Moses and Elijah, while apostles John, Peter, and James bear witness to this celestial spectacle. "The Virgin and Child with Saints" transports us to a serene tableau where Mary Magdalene, Saint John the Baptist, and possibly Saint George bask in divine presence. Their collective devotion emanates from every brushstroke of this captivating oil painting. Step further into enlightenment with "The Virgin Mary and Child with Saints Jerome and Anthony Abbot. " This exquisite panel showcases the harmonious convergence of spiritual figures alongside a benevolent donor. The delicate hues on poplar wood evoke a sense of tranquility that transcends time. Discover the power of sacred mantras through the vibrant depiction of deities within an "Om mantra. " Created using gouache with gold accents on paper during the 19th century, it serves as a visual representation of devotion and meditation practices passed down through generations. In "Krishna and the Naga Kaliya, " observe Krishna's triumph over evil forces personified by Kaliya. This intricately detailed gouache painting symbolizes spiritual resilience amidst adversity—a reminder that light always prevails over darkness. "Our Lady of the Rosary" invites contemplation upon its 16th-century oil panel. As beads intertwine between fingers, one can almost hear whispered prayers echoing through time—seeking solace in faith's embrace. Witness familial love intertwined with divinity in "Holy Family with a Young Saint John the Baptist. " Painted during the 16th century, this oil masterpiece portrays tender moments shared among Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, St. John himself—an embodiment of pure love radiating from within their holy bond.