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Spello Collection

Experience the enchanting beauty of Spello, a hidden gem in the Perugia province of Umbria, Italy

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Experience the enchanting beauty of Spello, a hidden gem in the Perugia province of Umbria, Italy. As the sun sets on this picturesque old town, you'll be captivated by its timeless charm and rich history. Wander through the narrow streets and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of this traditional stone village. Step back in time at the Villa of Mosaics, where a mesmerizing mosaic depicting Spring with a cornucopia awaits you in the triclinium. Marvel at this ancient artwork that has stood the test of time and admire its intricate details. Known as "the city of flowers, " Spello blooms with vibrant colors throughout every corner. Join in on the Infiorata festival during Corpus Domini procession to witness stunning floral carpets adorning its streets, adding an extra touch of magic to this already enchanting place. As you explore further, encounter locals going about their daily lives - like a woman gracefully strolling through the old city or children joyfully cycling along countryside paths near Spello. Feel immersed in their world and embrace their warm hospitality. Venture beyond Spello's borders and discover breathtaking landscapes surrounding it. A wheat field bathed in golden hues at sunset near Foligno will leave you awe-inspired by nature's beauty. And don't miss out on capturing glimpses of vintage cars against Spello's backdrop - a perfect blend of past and present. Whether it's admiring historic mosaics or indulging your senses amidst blooming flowers, Spello promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit. Let yourself be enchanted by this idyllic Italian town nestled within Umbria's rolling hills - truly a slice of heaven waiting to be explored.