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Soviet Gallery

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Red army soldiers raising the soviet flag over the reichstag in berlin, germany, april 30, 1945
Sunrise in Space by Leonov
Joseph Stalin portrait Soviet
Soviet propaganda poster - We want Peace
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Russian statesman
Above the Black Sea by Leonov
Soviet Armenia
Valentina Tereshkova
Death to World Imperialism, poster, 1919. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
Yuri Gagarin onboard Vostok 1
Ukraine Dnieper Dam
Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian gun designer
Checkpoint Charlie reconstruction, Berlin, Germany
Soviet propaganda poster
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Communist leader in disguise
Trotsky slaying the counter-revolutionary dragon (poster), 1918
Tokamak-15 nuclear fusion reactor C013 / 1348
Andrei Kolmogorov, Soviet mathematician
Spacecraft on the Moon, lunar map
Orbit of Sputnik 1, Soviet 1957 diagram
Tsar Bomba nuclear weapon display
No!': Soviet poster, 1958, by Albert Aslyan
Vostok 1 spacecraft after landing, 1961
Laika the space dog
Soviet cholera vaccination poster, 1967
Marshal georgy zhukov riding across red square, reviewing the troops, prior to the victory parade on june 24, 1945
Mikhail Gorbachev
Wartime poster, Comrades in Arms
Belka, Soviet space dog, after the mission
Sputnik 1 postcard
Alexander Friedman, Soviet cosmologist
Kapitsa and Androv, Russian physicists
Buran space shuttle landing
Russian Propaganda Poster
Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov
Lenin in his Study
Soviet Women Read Pravda
House to house fighting in Stalingrad, USSR
Brezhnev / Leonid
Yakov Sverdlov
View of Tbilisi (Tiflis), Georgia
Lisitsky Lazar ( El Lissitsky ) Drive Red Wedges into White Troops! Vitebsk, Literary-Publishing
U.S. Air Force photograph of the launch site of intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) at Guanajay, Cuba
Sputnik 1 stamp
Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, 1963
Model of Russian Molniya-1 satellite
Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut

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