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Society Life Collection

Step into the world of society life, where elegance and refinement reign supreme

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Step into the world of society life, where elegance and refinement reign supreme. From the exquisite Afternoon Tea depicted in oil on canvas to the anticipation of A Coming Event, this collection captures the essence of high society. Transport yourself to a bygone era with Old English Sports and Games: Cricket, a vibrant lithograph that showcases the leisurely pursuits of the upper class. Feel the excitement at Race Course, as watercolors and gouache bring to life the thrill of horse racing. Experience The Change through an evocative oil painting from 1823, capturing societal transformations over time. Witness fashion's influence with Dressed by Barclay, a stunning pochoir print showcasing glamorous attire from 1919-21. Marvel at Barclay Nice's intricate details in another pochoir print that exudes sophistication. Indulge in opulence at Maxim's, an iconic establishment that has long been synonymous with luxury dining experiences. Join in on a lively card game portrayed on canvas and immerse yourself in its competitive spirit. Travel back centuries as you witness The members of the fencer's guild welcoming the Abbot of Sint-Michiels through an oil painting from 1746. Remembering National Festivities of 1880 transports you to a time when patriotism was celebrated with grandeur. Finally, be enchanted by Portrait of Porten family taking tea in a lavish interior; it encapsulates familial bonds amidst luxurious surroundings. These artworks offer glimpses into society life throughout history—moments frozen in time that allow us to appreciate both its splendor and complexities.