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Ship Collection

"Discover the rich maritime history of Scandinavia and Europe at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway

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"Discover the rich maritime history of Scandinavia and Europe at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. Marvel at the well-preserved Gokstad Ship, a testament to Viking craftsmanship and seafaring prowess. " "Step back in time with Gilbert and Sullivan's iconic H. M. S. Pinafore, as depicted in this vintage poster from 1878. Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of operetta aboard a fictional ship bound for laughter and romance. " "London Docks come alive with bustling activity in this captivating photograph from 1958. Witness the vibrant energy as ships docked here connect Britain to distant lands, fostering trade and cultural exchange. " "At Stockholm's Vasa Museum, behold the grandeur of Vasa—a magnificent warship that tragically sank on its maiden voyage in the 17th century. Explore its salvaged remains and unravel stories of naval power gone awry. " "The Bayeux Tapestry weaves together an epic tale of conquest as it chronicles William the Conqueror's triumph over England. Amongst its intricate threads lies a vivid depiction of ships carrying warriors across treacherous waters. " "Embark on a historic journey aboard Mayflower—the legendary ship that carried Pilgrims seeking religious freedom to America's shores in 1620. Experience their courage amidst tumultuous seas as they forge a new destiny. " "Buster Keaton takes center stage aboard The Navigator (1924), where comedic chaos ensues on an ill-fated ship voyage filled with slapstick humor and unexpected adventures. Prepare for laughter aplenty. " "Intrigue surrounds Sutton Hoo's mysterious ship burial—an archaeological marvel discovered within an Anglo-Saxon burial mound dating back to medieval times. Uncover secrets buried deep within these ancient grounds. " "HMS Illustrious proudly returns to Portsmouth after undergoing extensive refurbishment—her majestic presence symbolizing British naval strength throughout history. Witness her triumphant homecoming.