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Shark Collection

The majestic shark, a creature that has captivated our imaginations for centuries

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The majestic shark, a creature that has captivated our imaginations for centuries. From the fossil tooth of the megalodon, an ancient giant of the seas, to the breathtaking sight of a whale shark with its mouth wide open, feeding alongside a brave diver in Australia's waters. In Brittany, France at Oceanopolis Brest lies evidence of prehistoric times - a fossil tooth from the mighty megalodon or megatooth shark. This relic reminds us of their immense power and dominance over the oceans. Meanwhile, off the coast of Australia, we witness an awe-inspiring moment as a massive whale shark engulfs its prey with its gaping mouth while a diver looks on in wonder. These gentle giants remind us that even amidst their size and strength, they pose no threat to humans. Venturing into colder waters near Greenland reveals another fascinating spectacle; a Greenland shark adorned with parasitic copepods clinging to its body. Nature's intricate relationships never cease to amaze us. But perhaps it is the great white sharks that truly capture our attention and stir both fear and fascination within us. With their powerful bodies and razor-sharp teeth on full display in South Australia's crystal-clear waters or lurking among vibrant coral reefs in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. These apex predators are masters of deception as they blend seamlessly into their surroundings – animals disguised by clouds concealing their true nature beneath an innocent facade. From cartoons depicting mermaids escaping U-boats during World War I to captivating photographs capturing every detail of these magnificent creatures' heads and jaws up close – each image tells a story about these enigmatic beings who have roamed our planet for millions of years. So let us marvel at these incredible creatures who rule beneath the waves - from ancient fossils reminding us of long-lost giants to modern-day encounters that leave divers breathless with wonder. The world may be vast and diverse, but there is nothing quite like encountering a shark in its natural habitat.