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Scutari Gallery

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The Lady With The Lamp Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale
Nightingale / Scutari / Ward
Florence Nightingales carriage at the seat of war
Selimiye Barracks at Haydar Pasa, Istanbul
Albania, Shkodra. Detail of the Rozafa castle
Albania, Shkodra. Drinit and Kir river flowing
Albania, Shkodra (Scutari). St. Stephen's
Albania, Shkodra (Scutari). Rozafa Castle
Albania, Shkodra (Scutari). Kir and Drinit
Albania, Shkodra (Scutari). Castle Rozafa
Albania, Shkodra (Scutari) 5 Heroes Monument
At the Door of the Leper Hospital at Scutari, the Imam leading a Blind Leper (litho)
The Eastern Question, Howling Dervishes at Scutari (engraving)
Monuments in the Crimea and at Scutari (engraving)
In the British Crimean Cemetery, Scutari (engraving)
Reception, by Messrs Cuthbert, Paternoster Row, of lint, etc, for the wounded at Scutari (engraving)
Sketches of Scutari (engraving)
The Turkish Crisis (engraving)
M Soyer on his Mission to Scutari (engraving)
Miss Nightingale, in the Hospital, at Scutari (engraving)
Review of the Division under Prince Napoleon before the Sultan, at Scutari, Zouaves defiling (engraving)
A Picturesque Map of the Seat of War, in the Danubian Provinces, Turkey, Asia Minor, Southern Russia
Military Obelisk at Scutari, on Her Majesty's Birthday (engraving)
Sketches in Albania, a Bear-Fancier in the Bazaar, Scutari (engraving)
A Night Entertainment during Ramazan, at Scutari, in Albania (engraving)
The Armenian Cemeteries in Turkey (engraving)
The War in the East, Generals of the Turkish Army (engraving)
Monument in the British Graveyard, Scutari (engraving)
Newly-Invented Drying-Closet, for the Hospital at Scutari (engraving)
Gipsy Camp near Scutari, Albania (litho)
The Allied Troops in Turkey (engraving)
On the Castle at Scutari, Albania (engraving)
Scutari (engraving)
British Troops at Scutari (engraving)
The English Troops at Scutari (engraving)
Illustrations of the Dulcigno Question, Montenegrin Outpost at Pecorica, on the Road between Scutari and Antivari
The Eastern Question, the Turkish Cemetery at Scutari (engraving)
Consecration of the Burial-Ground at Scutari, by the Bishop of Gibraltar (engraving)
Barracks at Scutari, the British Hospital (engraving)
Sketches in Albania, a Street Scene in Scutari (engraving)
The late Lieutenant Meynell, of Her Majesty's 75th Foot (engraving)
The Great Cemetery, at Scutari (engraving)
Scutari Hospital (engraving)
Demonstration on the Adriatic Coast, Albanians from Scutari crossing the Boyana to occupy Dulcigno (engraving)
Constantinople, from the British Cemetery, Scutari (engraving)
The War in Hungary (engraving)
Troopships landing at Scutari (engraving)

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