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Sagittal Gallery

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Brain pathways
Human brain, model
Hippocampus brain tissue
Skeleton drinking, X-ray
Brain anatomy, MRI scan
Human skull, X-ray
Ruptured Achilles tendon, MRI C018 / 0649
Male groin arteries, 1825 artwork
Normal human brain, MRI scan C016 / 8845
Skull of Paranthropus aethiopicus
Adult human skull
Cardiac lymphoma, MRI scans
Vagus nerve anatomy, artwork C018 / 0300
Babys skull
Babys skull
MRI brain scan and nerve cells F006 / 3595
Brain and nerve cells, neural network F006 / 3585
Sciatica, MRI scan
Spondylodiscitis, MRI scan
Thrombophlebitis in the brain, MRI scans
Spinal cancer, MRI scan
Anatomical orientation planes, artwork
Tuberculosis of the spine, MRI scan
Spina bifida, MRI scan
Vascular system of the head, MRI scan
Fibrolipoma of the spine, MRI scan
Arthritis of the knee, 3D CT scan C016 / 6510
Skull sutures, 3D CT scan C016 / 6403
Brain tumour, MRI scans
Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, MRI scan C018 / 0504
Larynx anatomy, artwork
Mouse embryo, prepared specimen C018 / 0318
Knee joint, illustration C018 / 0798
Plegmon eye inflammation, artwork
Female groin arteries, 1825 artwork
Head and chest anatomy
Healthy spine
Healthy spine
Brain and spinal cord, MRI
Uterine fibroid, MRI scan
Paranasal sinuses, X-ray
Human head, MRI scan
Healthy brain, MRI scan
Sagittal slice through a healthy human brain
Brainstem and cerebellum
Spine degeneration, MRI scan
Normal head and brain, MRI scan
Normal brain, MRI scan
Brain and spinal cord

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Framed, Prints, Puzzles, Posters, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Metal, Cards, Housewares...

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