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Royal Family Collection

"Capturing the Majesty: A Glimpse into the Royal Family's History" Step back in time to 1953

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"Capturing the Majesty: A Glimpse into the Royal Family's History" Step back in time to 1953, as we witness a momentous occasion at Buckingham Palace - the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The grandeur and elegance of this iconic residence serve as a fitting backdrop for this regal image. In another captivating photograph from that era, we see Queen Elizabeth II alongside the Duke of Edinburgh on their coronation day. Their radiant smiles reflect their joy and commitment to serving their nation. Delving further into history, we discover an enchanting painting by Lisa Sheridan depicting Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral in 1952. The artist beautifully captures her grace amidst nature's splendor. The union of crowns is showcased through a late 20th-century depiction illustrating the succession in Great Britain. This visual representation symbolizes continuity and strength within the royal lineage. Traveling back to Princess Elizabeth's childhood, we catch a glimpse of her riding her pony in Winsor Great Park during the 1930s. Even then, she exuded confidence and poise that would later define her reign. A significant milestone unfolds before our eyes as Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (Queen Mother) marries Duke of York (King George VI). This historic wedding forever altered not only their lives but also shaped British history. Moving forward to March 12th, 1953, HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Duke of Edinburgh grace us with their presence at Buckingham Palace. Sterling Henry Nahum Baron skillfully immortalizes this momentous occasion through his artistry. Beyond palace walls lies Ayot House - home to Her Majesty and Prince Philip during which they enjoyed leisurely morning strolls amidst picturesque gardens. These private moments reveal glimpses into their personal lives away from public scrutiny. Lastly, an exquisite portrait by Philip A de Laszlo showcases Princess Elizabeth as she embarks on her journey towards becoming Queen of the Commonwealth Realms in 1937.