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Riders Collection

"Unleashing the Spirit of Adventure

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"Unleashing the Spirit of Adventure: Celebrating Riders in their Many Forms" The timeless tradition of fox hunting brings together riders and their loyal canine companions, creating a bond that transcends boundaries. A captivating Tour De France photo captures the sheer determination and strength as they conquer challenging terrains, inspiring millions worldwide. In the heart of Siena, Italy, the Palio unfolds with thundering hooves and skilled riders competing fiercely for glory amidst an electrifying atmosphere. H. M. Bateman's iconic artwork "The Favourite Wins" immortalizes the exhilaration felt by both rider and steed when triumph is achieved against all odds. Journey back to 1930 when Tour De France witnessed legendary riders pushing themselves to unimaginable limits, etching their names into cycling history. After a day on the hunt, fox hunters raise a toast at their local pub - a cherished ritual that strengthens bonds between fellow riders and celebrates shared adventures. Princess Elizabeth & Margaret grace Tatler's front cover as elegant young equestrians embodying grace and poise while embracing their passion for riding. Witness the breathtaking spectacle as racehorses gallop around the track alongside skilled jockeys who navigate every twist and turn with unwavering focus. England's Polo Team in 1930 showcases exceptional horsemanship skills combined with strategic teamwork – a testament to dedication within this noble sport. Adrenaline surges through motorbike racing during the Tourist Trophy Race where fearless riders defy gravity, showcasing unmatched speed on two wheels. Riders participating in El Palio horse race festival transform Piazza del Campo into an arena pulsating with excitement as centuries-old traditions come alive once more Cornwall becomes Sherwood Forest as horsemen film Robin Hood tales; capturing not only cinematic magic but also honoring centuries-old legends that inspire riders today.