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Resisting Gallery

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American Indians. Billy Bowlegs and his suite of Indian Chie
Ratner patent safe, fire and fall resisting, Grade 1
Sir Edward Carson signing against Irish Home Rule
Ratner fire-resisting safes and wall safes
Ratner patent extra strong safe, fire and fall resisting
Ratner patent safe, fire and fall resisting, for registrars
Advertisement for Sanderson Fabrics
Caratacus Exhibited
Passive Resistance - comic postcard by Lance Thackeray
Poster advertising the publication of La Bete Humaine by Emile Zola (1840-1902) in La Vie Populaire, c
A Male Nude Pulled by Another Male, (pencil and brown ink on brown paper)
The campaign in India against British industrial products started by the agitator Gandhi... (colour litho)
The arrest (colour litho)
The Naval Mobilisation, Big Gun and Torpedo Practice on Board H Ms 'Hero'and 'Rodney'(engraving)
Peasants of Maceda, Spain, resisting the Imposition of Taxes on their Village (engraving)
La Locomotive (litho)
A Country That Turns Against The Tantries Of A Parish Priest (colour Litho)
The German Army Manoeuvres, Infantry resisting a Cavalry Charge (litho)
Against the grain, boy resisting going to school (engraving)
Temptation of St Anthony (engraving)
The seizure of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, 1798 (engraving)
Dogs helping the police (colour litho)
The indomitable Finnish resistance (Colour Litho)
Italian heroism in Spain, a bayonet general (colour litho)
Iron Shipbuilding-Taylersons Patent (engraving)
Dickens scrap - Agnes Wickfield in David Copperfield
No, Thank You!, 1914 (colour litho)
The victorious advance of the Black Arrows on the Santander front (colour litho)
The Civil War in Spain (engraving)
An Arab tribe from the territory of Aden, who had opposed the construction of a road by... (colour litho)
The man that thought to stem the tide of Reform, The Duke Of Wellington (colour litho)
The war in the Balkans, stubborn bombing and the obstinate admirable resistance of Scutari to... (colour litho)
The Strike at the Creuzot Ironworks (engraving)
Cultivating buoyancy, toughness and resisting power in hides for footballs in the stockyards of a football factory
The War in the Soudan, the Battle of Abou Kru, or Gubat, 19 January (engraving)
International Contests in the Art of Self-Defence (litho)
The Temptation of Christ (coloured engraving)
A Young Man Choosing Love of Beauty Rather Than Riches (engraving)
Thousands of tailors on strike in New York face the policemen fiercely in the street... (colour litho)
The Looking Glass, No 12 (colour litho)
Finlands tenacious resistance to the Russian invasion (Colour Litho)
Strong Man & Aircraft
Hospitality by George Studdy
Protecting crews from burning oil by G. H. Davis
Three Girls and a Donkey, 1887 (etching)
The Temptation of Christ (oil on panel)
Jeanne Laisne Raises a Standard Against the Men of Bourgogne, engraved by Morret (fl
Ulysses and his Companions Avoid the Charms of the Sirens, 1731 (engraving)

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