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"Voices of Unity: Models Beverly Pilkington and Siv Hederby proudly wear Pro Europe white tee shirts, symbolizing their support for referendums. " "In a display of cultural diversity, Pro Europe women don traditional costumes in Solihull ahead of the upcoming referendum. " "History echoes through time: Engravings capture pivotal moments like the Votes in Favor of Annexation at St Francis Church and Chambery's Annexation to France. " "A democratic spectacle unfolds: The Government Square in Bologna witnesses citizens exercising their right to vote during the Annexation with Piedmont referendum. " "The power lies with the people: Country People of Tuscany march alongside their Cure on a journey to record their votes for annexation with Piedmont. " "Reflecting on past decisions, we remember the Welsh devolution referendum of 1997 - a significant pre-legislative event that shaped Wales' political landscape.