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MAP microwave background
RCA VICTOR TRADEMARK. His Masters Voice. Trademark image of RCA Victor, featuring Nipper the dog
SAM COOKE (1933-1964). American soul singer. Photograph, 1964
Advertisement for His Masters Voice, HMV
Tape recorder
Tape recorder
Last record, dated 1847 and 1848, of Sir John Franklins expedition in search of the Northwest passage, found in 1859
Seance room at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research
Phonograph Recording
His Broadcast Masters Voice by George Studdy
The Beatles on the set of Top Of the Pops, plugging their new single '
Schneider contest nerve centre by G. H. Davis
TV camera and cameraman
Frances Densmore, US anthropologist
The method of linking up hands and feet of sitting mediums
Indoor filming
Recording Studio 1980
Measuring water levels
Montezuma Declares his Allegiance to the King of Spain before Cortes (oil on canvas)
BBC snooker commentator Ted Lowe holding his microphone. 27th January 1986
Front cover of Gil Blas containing the first instalment of Lourdes by Emile Zola (1840-1902) 1894 (colour litho)
Peruvian Quipu and Birch Bark Drawing (colour litho)
The Recent Discovery of a Lake-Dwelling on the Clyde, Sketches of the Excavation (litho)
The laughing chorus (colour litho)
Greenwich Royal Hospital Schools (engraving)
The Crews of the Neapolitan Ships of War recording their Votes in Favour of Annexation (engraving)
Hearing the music at the Opera Comique (engraving)
The Room in Kensington Palace in which the Queen was Born (colour litho)
New Victor Records, September 1906 (chromolitho)
Recent Scientific Improvements (engraving)
Receiving a message from America by Edison's phonograph (engraving)
Bacon's Excelsior Emulation Ladder recording attainment in a British girls school, 1904 (colour litho)
Experiments with the 38-Ton 'Thunderer' Gun (engraving)
78 rpm record cover, Saville Pianos Ltd
Poster, the Rolling Stones latest disc
Two girls with gramophone, Balham, SW London
Mr. Cockings Parachute
Interiors at the TAB. After Cook, 1969
Our lasting treasures in sound (litho)
Winter count on buffalo robe (colour litho)
Ben Salvin and his Colombia Recording Orchestra, 1928
How an employee's absence from work is recorded (b / w photo)
The Surrender Room, Hotel de Wereld, Wageningen
Everest expedition, 1922 - General Bruce and Captain Noel
Edison's perfected phonograph in use in the press gallery during the Handel Festival at the Crystal Palace
Visitors to the Paris Exhibition listening to the phonograph (engraving)
In Trentino, while the Austrian offensive develops, optical signals from a position defended by the Alpine troops
Gramophone Company, Gilbert and Sullivan records

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