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Provincia Matanzas Collection

Welcome to Provincia Matanzas, located in the beautiful country of Cuba

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Welcome to Provincia Matanzas, located in the beautiful country of Cuba. This province is home to a plethora of fascinating attractions that will surely captivate your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories. In the charming town of Colon, immerse yourself in history as you take a ride on a horse-drawn taxi, reminiscent of days gone by. Explore the NR (National Route) and discover hidden gems along the way. For beach lovers, Varadero is an absolute paradise. Bask in the sun at Varadero Beach by the Mansion Xanadu, once a favorite vacation spot for many. Don't miss out on visiting Museo de Playa Giron, where you can delve into the intriguing history surrounding the 1961 US-CIA invasion. Venture further into Central Australia and visit Museo de la Comandancia, offering insights into revolutionary times. Admire the revolutionary wall mural in Varadero or stroll along Varadero Beach while marveling at classic 1958 US-made Chevrolets. Cardenas proudly displays its Flagpole Monument which commemorates an important moment -the first raising of Cuba's flag during independence struggles. And don't forget to hop aboard the historic train from 1851 when exploring Colon. Matanzas itself boasts a picturesque waterfront along Bahia de Matanzas Bay – perfect for leisurely walks and soaking up stunning views. In Varadero, unwind poolside at Hotel Iberostar Varadero as evening sets in. Provincia Matanzas truly offers something for everyone – from rich historical sites like Museo de Playa Giron to breathtaking beaches like those found in Varadero. Get ready to be enchanted by this captivating corner of Cuba.