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Prey Collection

In the wild, the concept of "prey" takes on a whole new meaning. Picture No

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In the wild, the concept of "prey" takes on a whole new meaning. Picture No. 10854827 captures the awe-inspiring moment when a killer whale, known as "MEL, " goes in for the hunt. At 45 to 50 years old, MEL is an experienced predator who sets his sights on South American Sealion pups at Punta Norte in Patagonia, Argentina. Meanwhile, Picture No. 10859244 showcases another remarkable scene of nature's drama unfolding before our eyes. Coastal Grizzlies or Alaskan Brown Bears are captured fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska during July. These massive creatures display their impressive hunting skills as they snatch fish from the rushing waters. The White-tailed Eagle or Sea Eagle featured in Picture No. 10854169 demonstrates its mastery of aerial hunting techniques off the coast of Lauvsnes in Trondelag, Norway. With razor-sharp focus and precision timing, this majestic bird prepares to grab hold of its next meal—a fish that will sustain it high above the Norwegian landscape. Picture No. 10789115 introduces us to a different kind of predator: the Tawny Owl lurking silently within dense foliage waiting for unsuspecting prey to pass by under cover of darkness. This mysterious nocturnal hunter symbolizes stealth and cunning as it swoops down upon its victims with deadly accuracy. The Common Starling murmuration depicted here (Falco rusticolus) witnesses an extraordinary spectacle where thousands upon thousands of birds move together like one fluid entity across the sky—only to be pursued relentlessly by a Peregrine Falcon seeking out individual targets amidst this mesmerizing flock formation. Lastly, Picture No. 10947857 reminds us that even seemingly harmless creatures can become predators when necessary for survival; here we see an ordinary house cat stalking through tall grasses with focused intent—an embodiment of instinctual behavior passed down through generations.