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Predators Collection

"Nature's Predators

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"Nature's Predators: A Glimpse into the Wild World of Hunters" Sea Otter - Witness the tender bond between a mother and her young pup as she carries it under three weeks old in Monterey Bay, USA. #SeaOtterLove African Wild Dog / Painted Hunting Dog - Marvel at the agility and teamwork displayed by these fascinating predators in Picture No. 10854827 and Picture No. 10859244. Killer Whale / Orca - Meet "MEL, " an adult male Orca with over four decades of hunting experience, as he preys on South American Sealion pups on a beach in Patagonia, Argentina. #OrcasOfPatagonia Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaurs Mating - Travel back millions of years to witness the primal instinct of one of history's most fearsome predators engaging in courtship rituals. Coastal Grizzlies or Alaskan Brown Bears - Experience the breathtaking sight of these majestic creatures fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska during July's peak season. Grey Wolf Mother with Young Pup - Observe the nurturing side of a grey wolf mother as she lies in grass alongside her adorable pup during June's golden hour. Great White Shark - Dive into the depths where fear meets fascination and encounter one of nature's most iconic apex predators up close and personal. Snow Leopard - Endangered Species Alert. Catch a glimpse of this elusive feline walking gracefully through snow-covered terrain while its tail waves proudly against its shadowy backdrop. #SaveSnowLeopards RF-Lions (Panthera leo) Two Brothers Patrolling Territorial Boundary- Get ready to roar along with two powerful lion brothers as they assert their dominance while patrolling their territory. #KingsoftheSavannah Common Buzzard Close-Up.