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Pond Collection

"Captivating Ponds: From Barcelona to Sheffield and Beyond" 1

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"Captivating Ponds: From Barcelona to Sheffield and Beyond" 1. A tranquil pond in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, perfectly complements the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia Cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi. 2. John Constable's masterpiece "Hampstead Heath with Pond and Bathers K040850" captures the serene beauty of a pond amidst nature's embrace. 3. William Fairbank's 1771 map reveals an enchanting pond nestled within the town of Sheffield, offering respite to its inhabitants. 4. Beneath the waters of Belgium's ponds, tiny tadpoles gracefully swim, showcasing the wonders of nature from a unique perspective. 5. Amidst laughter and joy, children enjoy donkey rides near picturesque ponds that dot landscapes around the world like cherished memories captured in time (Donkey ride a071928). 6. The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab stands majestically reflected on a shimmering pond – an oasis of peace amid bustling India (The Harmandir Sahib). 7. Wandering through history is made possible with W. Fairbank’s meticulously drawn plan of Sheffield from 1797 engraved by Thomas Harris - revealing hidden gems including charming ponds. 8. Dreams turned into reality as W. And J. Fairbank crafted their vision for a canal connecting Sheffield to Tinsley in 1815 – unlocking new possibilities for trade along scenic waterways. 9. Lincoln Cathedral rises above its surroundings while nearby ponds mirror its grandeur - creating an ethereal scene that captivates all who visit (Lincoln Cathedral BB49_02570). 10. The sun sets over La Sagrada Familia church illuminating its intricate details against a backdrop reflecting onlookers' admiration - reminding us why it is hailed as UNESCO World Heritage Site (La Sagrada Familia church lit up at night designed by Antoni Gaudi). 11.