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Photosynthetic Gallery

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Diatom, SEM
Diatom, SEM
Diatom, SEM
Diatom, SEM
Chloroplast structure, artwork
Diatoms, SEM
Diatoms, SEM
The trillium is a perennial flowering plant native to temperate regions of North America and Asia
Algal-bacterial mat of incipient thrombolites (Scytonema sp.)
Thrombolites, living rocks
Freshwater cyanobacterium (Microcystis aeruginosa)
Observation walkway for viewing the community of rounded rock-like forms, Thrombolites
A community of rounded rock-like forms, Thrombolites
Thrombolites, living rocks in Lake Clifton
Chloroplast, SEM
Thrombolites, living rocks
Euglena gracilis, SEM
Paramecium bursaria protozoan, micrograph
Photosynthesis, illustration
Photosynthesis, artwork C017 / 0788
Diatom, light micrograph C014 / 4673
Scenedesmus algae, SEM C014 / 1461
Plants and photosynthesis C014 / 1252
Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex molecule F006 / 9673
Photosynthetic reaction centre F006 / 9462
Euglena flagellate protozoa, SEM C016 / 9103
Desmids and spirogyra, light micrograph C016 / 9595
Tabellaria diatoms, SEM C016 / 9600
Haematococcus alga, light micrograph
Microalgae, light micrograph
Haematococcus algae, light micrograph
Coccolithophore alga, SEM C019 / 0234
Green hydra, light micrograph C014 / 4678
Paramecium bursaria protozoan C016 / 8579
Plant and roots, artwork
Purple bacterium photosynthesis centre
Chloroplast, TEM C017 / 8233
Canadian pondweed leaf, light micrograph
Sphagnum moss cells, light micrograph
Moss cells, light micrograph
Golden algae, light micrograph
Paramecium bursaria protozoan, light micr
Blepharisma protozoan, light micrograph
Blepharisma protozoa, light micrograph
Indian Ocean, chlorophyll concentration C016 / 3722
Indian Ocean, chlorophyll and bathymetry C016 / 3721
Diploneis diatom, SEM C013 / 5110
Coccolithophorid plankton, SEM C013 / 5109
Chlamydomonas sp. algae, SEM
Euglena gracilis
Euglena flagellate protozoan, SEM

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