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Pharoah Collection

Unveiling the Mysteries of Pharaoh: A Journey through Ancient Egypt The Mask of Tutankhamun

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Pharaoh: A Journey through Ancient Egypt The Mask of Tutankhamun: Behold the mesmerizing beauty and intricate craftsmanship of the Golden Mask of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, a symbol of power and divinity. Goddess Sekhmet: Discover the fierce lioness goddess Sekhmet, worshipped by ancient Egyptians for her protective nature and association with healing. Tutankhamun Sarcophagus: Delve into the enigmatic world of pharaohs as you explore the ornate sarcophagus that housed King Tutankhamun's mummified remains, showcasing their belief in an afterlife. Nubians in Ancient Egypt: Uncover the fascinating history of Nubians in Ancient Egypt, who played a significant role in trade, culture exchange, and even ruling over parts of Egypt during certain periods. Akhenaton's Legacy: Explore the reign of Akhenaton, known for his radical religious reforms that introduced monotheism to ancient Egypt and left behind stunning artistic representations like those found at Amarna. Karnak Temple Complex - Great Pillars & Hypostyle Hall: Marvel at the colossal pillars standing tall within Karnak Temple Complex's Hypostyle Hall, reflecting architectural grandeur from thousands of years ago. The Great Temple at Abu Simbel: Witness one of Egypt's most iconic landmarks – The Great Temple at Abu Simbel – built by Ramses II to showcase his might and intimidate potential invaders along with its awe-inspiring statues guarding its entrance. Avenue of Sphinxes - Karnak Temple Complex: Walk down memory lane on Karnak Temple Complex's Avenue of Sphinxes; these mythical creatures once lined this sacred path connecting temples dedicated to various deities. Rameses II Period Sphinxes: Encounter majestic sphinx sculptures dating back to Rameses II's reign, symbolizing the pharaoh's divine power and wisdom.