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Oregano Gallery

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Oregano, Lecce, Lecce province, Puglia, Italy, Europe
Common oregano, also called wild marjoram - Oregano or wild marjoram, Origanum vulgare, with flower, leaf
Thyme, Majorum, Oregano, Germander, Teucrium, Victorian Botanical Illustration
Greek salad
Greek salad
Cretan oregano, Origanum onites, and wild
Wild marjoram or oregano, Origanum vulgare
Marjoram, Origanum majorana, and oregano, Origanum vulgare
Herbs, plantes condimentaires
Oregano, Origanum vulgare
USA, Washington, Seabeck. Ornamental oregano flowers
Spaghetti with herbs: rosemary, thyme, oregano, chive and parmesan shavings
Oregano, Origanum vulgare
Marbled white butterfly (Melanargia galathea) on Wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare
Food, Herbs, Marjoram, Origanum vulgare, detail of culinary oregano leaves
Greek Feta Cheese and Olives in Oil, sprinkled with a lttle Oregano
Origanum onites, Pot Marjoram or Oregano, flowering shrub
Herb wheel, including, Tanacetum parthenium or Feverfew, Origanum vulgare or Marjoram, Borago officinalis or Borage
Illustration of culinary window box planted with Parsley, Chives, Sage, Rosemary, Bay Laurel, Summer
Digital illustration of green leaves of Origanum vulgare (Oregano)
USA, Washington State, Seabeck. Ornamental oregano blossoms close-up
Oregano -Origanum vulgare-, herb, medicinal plant
Greek Cuisine. Traditional Meze (Starter) Cretan Dakos with a glass of Ouzo
USA, Washington, Seabeck. Dew drops on ornamental oregano
Round-leaved Oregano in the wild in Turkey (also
Round-leaved Oregano in the wild (also grown as
Close-up of ornamental oregano plant with dewdrops. Credit as: Don Paulson / Jaynes
Close-up of ornamental oregano flowers. Credit as: Don Paulson / Jaynes Gallery / DanitaDelimont
Flowering Oregano -Origanum vulgare-
Marjoram -Origanum majorana-, herb
Wild marjoram or Oregano -Origanum vulgare-
BOTANY: MARJORAM, 1485. Majorana hortensis. Woodcut from Peter Schoffers Hortus Sanitatis
Eating pizza in Pizza Express restaurant, with bottle of Nastro Azzuro beer. credit
Bouquet of culinary herbs in swedish preserving crock credit: Marie-Louise Avery
Lemon on chopping board with knife and bunch of mixed garden herbs in blue jug against
Potato wedges with Cajun Spices and Lemon
Bouquet garni, including Sage, Thyme, Oregano and Rosemary
Bowl of ratatouille on folded napkin, and a bowl of grated cheese in background, close-up
Sweet onion frittata garnished with fresh oregano served on a plate, one slice removed
Origanum sp. varieties of Marjoram and Oregano, a mezzaluna chopper and a wooden chopping board
Bowl of tagliatelle pasta with basil, parsley and oregano pesto, with fork
Herbs grown in pot, including oregano and sage
Lamb Kleftiko on blue and white plate, close-up
Herbes de Provence, including oregano, rosemary, thyme, savory (satureja) and marjoram
Sprigs of Origanum majorana, Marjoram, and Origanum vulgare, Oregano

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