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New Born Infant Collection

In the enchanting world of art, the delicate beauty of a newborn infant is captured in various forms

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In the enchanting world of art, the delicate beauty of a newborn infant is captured in various forms. From Gin Lane's haunting engraving to the vivid colors of A young Berber woman breastfeeding her baby, each artwork tells a unique story. Just like the Judgment of Solomon depicted in an oil on panel masterpiece, this tiny being possesses an innocence that captivates hearts and inspires awe. As we gaze upon a Page of Victorian printed scraps, colored engravings bring forth images of cherubic faces and tender moments shared between mother and child. The dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem built by King Solomon reminds us that even ancient times celebrated new life as a precious gift. Similarly, Barn owl and chicks portrayed in vibrant lithographs symbolize nurturing instincts found across species. A Polyptych from Conversano unveils the Nativity scene with its central figure - a newborn infant who would change history forever. In Virgin and Child painted on wood around 1500, we witness Mary cradling her divine son with tenderness beyond words. Traveling to distant lands through Mexican Indians returning from market or Eskimaux of Baffin's Bay watercolors allows us to appreciate how cultures worldwide cherish their little ones. These artworks serve as windows into different societies' customs and traditions surrounding birth. Tapestries have long been used to depict significant events, such as Saint Benedict presenting his heart to the Virgin Mary amidst mille fleurs motifs. This fragment from 1500-25 showcases devotion intertwined with themes of new beginnings. Finally, stepping into an Interior of a Peasant's Cottage reveals humble surroundings where love knows no boundaries. Here too lies evidence that every newborn holds immeasurable potential regardless of their circumstances. As we explore these diverse artistic representations spanning centuries and continents, one truth remains constant: The arrival of a new born infant is both miraculous and universally cherished—a testament to life's enduring wonderment.