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New Born Collection

"New Beginnings: Celebrating the Miracle of Life through Art" Gin Lane (engraving

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"New Beginnings: Celebrating the Miracle of Life through Art" Gin Lane (engraving): A stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by newborns in a world plagued by vice and despair. Judgment of Solomon (oil on panel): The timeless tale that showcases a mother's unwavering love and sacrifice for her newborn, as King Solomon resolves their dispute. A young Berber woman breastfeeding her baby (colour litho): Capturing the tender bond between a mother and child, symbolizing nourishment, comfort, and unconditional love. Page of Victorian printed scraps (coloured engraving): An enchanting collage depicting various scenes from childhood, reminding us of the innocence and wonder that accompanies every new arrival. The dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem built by King Solomon - Bible: Signifying hope for future generations, where even kings find solace in dedicating sacred spaces to protect their offspring's future. Barn owl and chicks (colour litho): Nature's own testament to new life emerging from its protective nest – an awe-inspiring sight that mirrors our own journey into parenthood. Blue & Yellow Rabbit / Elephant / Monkey / Fox: Playful companions representing the joyous spirit children bring into our lives – each unique yet united by boundless curiosity and imagination. Polyptych of Conversano, detail of the Nativity, 1475 (tempera on panel): An exquisite masterpiece capturing the divine moment when Jesus was born; a symbol of hope reborn with every new generation. Virgin and Child, c. 1500 (oil on wood): A timeless portrayal showcasing Mary cradling baby Jesus – an eternal reminder that every newborn carries within them immense potential for greatness. In this captivating collection spanning centuries and cultures, we are reminded that "newborn" is not just about physical birth but also represents fresh beginnings, unbreakable bonds, and the promise of a brighter future.