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Neuroscience Gallery

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Hollow-face illusion, artwork
Anatomy of human brain, inferior view
Human brain anatomy, lateral view
Medulla oblongata in the brain, artwork
Brain tissue blood supply
Goblet illusion
Ouchi illusion
Brain anatomy, artwork
Superior view of human brain with colored lobes and labels
Peripheral drift illusion
Fruit fly brain, illustration C018 / 0791
Under Surface of the Human Brain Engraved Illustration, Circa1880
Wundt illusion
Ponzos illusion
Myelination of nerve fibres, TEM
Oxytocin neurotransmitter molecule
Camillo Golgi (1843-1926). Italian physician, pathologist, s
Franz Joseph Gall (1758 -1828). Neuroanatomist and physiolog
Cross section biomedical illustration of brain map
Cross section biomedical illustration of touch map of human brain
Cross section biomedical illustration of motor map of the brain
Santiago Ramon and Cajal (1852-1934).. Spanish histologist, physician and pathologist
Human brain anatomy, superior view
Ehrenstein illusion, square in circles
Brain waves, conceptual image
Side view of the human brain showing the functional lobes
Prion disease treatment, artwork C018 / 1838
Neural progenitor cell differentiation C018 / 8758
Myelin sheats and glial cells, artwork C014 / 2646
Stem cell-derived neurons, micrograph
Stem cell-derived astrocyte brain cells
Effect of Parkinsons disease, artwork
Peripheral nerve, light micrograph
Nerve ganglion, light micrograph
Myelinated nerve, light micrograph
Acetylcholine receptor-conotoxin complex
Brain synapse, anatomical artwork
Striatum, anatomical artwork
Glial cells, light micrograph
Nerve cell degeneration, artwork
Limbic system of the brain, artwork C015 / 4529
Hearing centre, artwork
Human brain, anatomical artwork
Substantia nigra, artwork
Photic sneeze reflex, artwork C016 / 7700
Brain glial cells, light micrograph C016 / 0524
C. elegans worm, illustration C018 / 0731
Brain areas, conceptual illustration C018 / 0749

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