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Myanmar Collection

Discover the enchanting beauty of Myanmar, a country rich in history and culture

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Discover the enchanting beauty of Myanmar, a country rich in history and culture. Witness the bravery of the Chindits as they cross the mighty Great Chindwin River in Burma. Marvel at the breathtaking sight of silhouettes on the U Bein Bridge during a mesmerizing sunset in Amarapura, Myanmar. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Monywa's market, where an array of colorful chili peppers awaits your senses. Uncover ancient secrets as you explore Pagan, also known as Burma, following in Marco Polo's footsteps. Experience pure serenity as you witness a stunning sunset over Bagan's majestic temples - a sight that will leave you speechless. Admire intricate bird designs on lacquerware trays found at Inle Lake, showcasing Myanmar's artistic craftsmanship. Step back in time and admire captivating wall paintings at Sulamani Pahto temple in Bagan (Pagan), offering glimpses into Myanmar's rich heritage. Visit Swedawmyat Paya in Yangon (Rangoon) to marvel at its grandeur and spiritual significance. Encounter gentle giants while exploring Rangoon (Yangon), where elephants roam freely amidst lush landscapes. Embark on an unforgettable hot air balloon ride over Bagan (Pagan) during dawn to witness its archaeological wonders from above. Journey to Shan State and be captivated by Kakku Buddhist Ruins' ancient Buddha image - a testament to Myanmar's deep-rooted religious traditions. Discover Thailand farmers who share cultural ties with their neighbors across borders. Myanmar beckons with its diverse landscapes, historical treasures, and warm-hearted people ready to welcome you into their world full of wonder and charm.