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Midland Railway Class Locomotive Collection

"Steaming through history

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"Steaming through history: A glimpse into the Midland Railway Class locomotives" Step back in time and witness the power and elegance of the Midland Railway Class locomotives. These magnificent steam engines, built with precision and craftsmanship, played a vital role in shaping transportation during their era. One such iconic locomotive is number 2192, a Midland Railway Class 2 4-4-0 steam engine constructed by Sharp, Stewart. With its sleek design and impressive performance, it symbolizes the ingenuity of its time. Another notable mention is number 998, a Midland Railway Class 4 steam locomotive that rolled out from Derby in April 1909. This beauty stands as a testament to Derby's engineering prowess and showcases the evolution of railway technology. Dating back even further is number 1738, an exquisite creation from November 1885. Built at Derby as part of the Midland Railway fleet, this classically designed machine embodies both grace and power. The legacy continues with number 740 (originally known as 830), a Midland Railway Class 3 steam locomotive born in Derby in 1903. Its robust construction ensured smooth journeys for countless passengers across vast distances. A special mention goes to number 2585; this remarkable engine was crafted by Bayer Peacock for the Midland Railway's Class Two lineup. Its distinctive features make it stand out among its peers. Meanwhile, we cannot overlook number 336—a proud representative of the renowned Midland Railway Class Two family. This workhorse tirelessly served on tracks throughout its operational years. Drawing inspiration from these historic machines comes another gem—the drawing no. 08-7560—depicting a stunning representation of a Midland Railway Class Three (700 class) steam locomotive. The intricate details captured within this artwork are truly awe-inspiring. Numbered amongst these legends are also engines like numbers.