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Midland Railway Class Locomotiv Collection

"Steaming through history

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"Steaming through history: A glimpse into the Midland Railway Class locomotives" Step back in time and witness the power and elegance of the Midland Railway Class steam locomotives. These magnificent machines were a testament to engineering prowess, each with its own unique story. Let's start with number 2192, a remarkable Midland Railway Class 2 4-4-0 steam locomotive built by Sharp, Stewart. This beauty was a true workhorse on the tracks, tirelessly hauling goods and passengers across vast distances. Next up is number 998, a proud member of the Midland Railway Class Built in April 1909 at Derby, this sturdy locomotive embodied strength and reliability throughout its service years. Traveling further back in time brings us to number 1738, an iconic Midland Railway steam locomotive that rolled out of Derby in November 1885. Its timeless design captured hearts as it gracefully glided along the rails. Now let's explore number 740, initially known as 830 when it was constructed at Derby in 1903. This versatile Midland Railway Class 3 engine proved its mettle on various routes during its illustrious career. Moving on to number 2585 - an exceptional creation by Bayer Peacock - another fine example of a Midland Railway Class machine that left an indelible mark on railway enthusiasts worldwide. Numbered simply as "336, " this particular member of the class exuded charm and character wherever it went. Its sleek lines and powerful presence made heads turn whenever it passed by. Drawing no. 08-7560 showcases yet another marvel from the series - a splendid representation of the renowned Midland Railway Class steam locomotive family known as "700 class. " It stood tall amongst its peers with unmatched performance capabilities. Numbers like 863, built in September at Derby.